Greg Bryant: Why South Carolina Would Be Better Fit Than Auburn for 5-Star RB

Andrew Kulha@@AKonSportsSenior Analyst IIINovember 15, 2012

Via 247Sports
Via 247Sports

5-star running back Greg Bryant still has not made a commitment, but the South Carolina Gamecocks have to be feeling good about what they can offer the talented running back.

In a video interview with, Bryant stated Oklahoma is no longer in the running and that he now has a top three of Auburn, South Carolina and Florida State.

Out of the three, South Carolina is undoubtedly his best fit.

Florida State's depth chart at running back is looking pretty solid, thus they may not be the best spot for Bryant. James Wilder Jr. is having a good year for the Seminoles and he's only a Sophomore. They also already have 4-star running back Ryan Green committed to Jimbo Fisher's 2013 class.

That would leave Auburn and South Carolina, and considering we don't even definitively know who will be coaching the Tigers next season or what kind of offensive system Auburn will be running, the Gamecocks come away looking as the best option.

Marcus Lattimore's status is up in the air due to his knee injury, and Kenny Miles is a Senior. Mike Davis is a freshman, but Bryant is talented enough to compete with him. The Gamecocks also only have a 3-star running back committed for 2013 in Jamari Smith, so the opportunities would be many for a 5-star running back like Bryant.

South Carolina has been known for having a strong running game under head coach Steve Spurrier, and that's a tradition Bryant would be able to continue if he chooses the Gamecocks. South Carolina is rushing for 141 yards per game and only throwing for 232.2 per game, so it's rather obvious just by looking at the stats that the running game is a huge priority for their offense.

Bryant projects to be a player that can be a lot like Lattimore for South Carolina, and I think he can be the feature back of their program in time. He displays great vision and patience as a runner, and he runs with great downhill speed, a low center of gravity and he's incredibly hard to take down.

With Lattimore being injured, South Carolina can bring in Bryant with an eye to the future. If Lattimore can play again, Bryant would be a more than capable backup and would be able to pick up a lot from the stud running back. If not, Bryant seems to be a player that can carry the load for an offense, much like Lattimore has for the Gamecocks, so he would be an ideal replacement for both now and in the future.

Eventually Lattimore's going to graduate anyhow, and I can't think of a better player to fill his shoes in this recruiting class.

Either way, the opportunities will definitely be there for Bryant, and I'm sure he can see that.

There's one more factor that's worth mentioning.

Auburn is essentially in rebuilding mode, and that will only intensify if they fire Gene Chizik and start over with a new coach.

South Carolina on the other hand was one of the more dominant teams in college football this season, and for a while it appeared as if they could take control of the SEC East. Even though they have picked up two losses on the year, Steve Spurrier's program is young and talented, especially on defense, and they seem poised to compete in the SEC for the next few years.

Bryant has a chance to be a big part of a great program at South Carolina, or he can go be part of a rebuild at Auburn.

Everything points to South Carolina being the best fit for the 5-star running back.


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