WWE: Cena Affair? Brad Maddox? Survivor Series? We Have Bigger Issues!

Nick BolyardContributor IIINovember 14, 2012

 With another pay-per-view coming up, it is time to discuss the lesser known issues in today's WWE Universe.  Hmm, WWE Universe?  Are they suggesting a parallel dimension?  I digress.  Let's get started!


The Miz as a hero?

 Uh, what?  Let's be honest, who wants to root for a guy with a faux hawk who appeared on MTV in a ton of reality shows?  Honestly, after all this time I just associate The Miz as that tool, on TV.  I don't know how well this is gonna work, but I am willing to let it play out before passing judgement.  However, it could be a swerve to set him up to screw Team Foley.  Time to ponder...


Barrett Barage

I know he just came back, but this isn't much of a barrage.  Granted, Wade had had some decent matches with Sheamus, but who else has he really faced?  I don't see him elevating, just staying in mid-card purgatory with Dolph Ziggler and Randy Orton.  He may get a token one month feud for the title, but the barrage may be on hold until after WrestleMania.  This is a sad day!  Wade Barrett is a good talker and decent wrestler (although that finisher is terrible).  We want Wade!


Diva's Division

 Haha, just kidding!  Nobody cares about this.


The Voice 

In the last two weeks Raw has opened with this terrible recap, from the previous week.  It has this awful, awful voice.  I want it out of my head!  It sounds so cheesy and makes Raw feel like a terrible soap opera/reality show (insert obvious joke here).  Make the voices go away!

APB Out for R-Truth 

We couldn't find Zack Ryder or Cody Rhodes.  However, the newest alert is for R-Truth.  Yes, R-Truth was recently a tag team champion.  Yes, he has a U.S. title match (he won't be much more than fodder for Cesaro).  However, last summer he was the hottest thing in WWE (until CM Punk sat down and said stuff.  I wasn't listening).  His crazy, conspiracy theorist character was really good.  It even earned him a shot at the WWE Title.  Where is R-Truth?  (Maybe a reunion with Pacman Jones?)  Seriously WWE, what's up?  (See what I did there?)



I hope I am not the only person who enjoys this man on commentary!  He shows us all how to be a proper heel announcer.  He isn't overbearing like Michael Cole.  In fact, the best part is him owning Michael Cole, all night.  His off-color comments, while offensive to some, are quite humorous.  Glad to have JBL back at the announcer table on a permanent basis.  I am sure h and Jerry can have some good banter at Survivor Series.  Speaking of Jerry...


Long Live the King

This past Monday, Jerry Lawler returned to Raw following his near fatal heart attack.  It was a great moment!  However, some took offense at CM Punk's and Paul Heyman's interruption. Heyman feigned a heart attack and Punk cut numerous jokes about death and heart attacks.  Did it cross the line?  Maybe.  Haven't the majority of you been wanting edgier programming and the return of the Attitude Era?  Well, you got edgier content.  Was it in bad taste?  My thought is if Jerry was okay with it (they had to have run it by him beforehand), then why should I be offended?  What are your thoughts?  (It doesn't matter what your thoughts are!  Sorry, I had to do it.)

Thanks for reading!  Please feel to add your news below and your thought on any of the above topics.  Also, insert your obvious joke for "The Voice" part, the one with the most "likes" wins the contest.  (You don't win anything other than self-satisfaction.)