If Tim Tebow Is Terrible, Then What Does That Make Mark Sanchez?

Dan Valis@@BgAppleMetsTalkCorrespondent INovember 15, 2012

Mark Sanchez is looking more and more like a busted top five pick.
Mark Sanchez is looking more and more like a busted top five pick.Otto Greule Jr/Getty Images

It is no secret that Jets backup quarterback Tim Tebow has a huge following. I still can't put my finger on why, but the facts are the facts. He had a great college career, and has even shined at certain times in his brief NFL career. 

The recent articles where unnamed Jets players call Tim Tebow "terrible", is laughable. He might not be a good quarterback, but Mark Sanchez is not much better. They really should have said the "the Jets quarterback situation is "terrible." 

Tebow or Sanchez, Tebow or Sanchez, Tebow or Sanchez. Hey, here's a thought, how about neither of them!

"The Sanchize" has regressed dramatically this season. I understand that he does have limited options to throw too and a weak ground game, but that still does not mean he should be missing receivers by 10 yards.

Sanchez's completion percentage for the season is an unsightly 52 percent. In five out of his nine starts this season, he has thrown for a completion percentage under 50 percent. His quarterback rating went up in each of his first three seasons, only to fall from a high of 78.0 last season, to 70.4 this year.

Sanchez has nine interceptions and eight fumbles, totaling 17 turnovers in just nine games, although he has only lost four of the eight fumbles. 

Mark Sanchez is proving he is no longer the answer at the quarterback position for the Jets. I'm not so sure Tim Tebow is either, but he can't be much worse than Sanchez. 

Tebow's career completion percentage is 47.9 percent, and he has 17 touchdowns to nine interceptions over a season-and-half in Denver. But you can't measure Tebow by statistics. Tebow is measured by his ability to win games. He has the "it" factor, something Mark Sanchez does not, and that is not something you can teach.

Yes, Mark Sanchez did bring his team to back to back AFC title games in his first two seasons. But let's not forget that he had a very good supporting cast and a top 10 defense at the time. He no longer has either of those around him, and he's not good enough to elevate the talent of the players currently at his disposal.  

In the coming seasons, "The Sanchize" will be no more. The Jets will realize that they should have listened to Pete Carroll when he told Sanchez to stay in college and that he wasn't ready yet. Give them credit for taking a chance, but in the end Sanchez, is going to burn them and ultimately cost Mike Tannenbaum and Rex Ryan their jobs.