College Football Recruiting 2013: Top Classes That Will Have an Immediate Impact

Edwin WeathersbyAnalyst INovember 14, 2012

College Football Recruiting 2013: Top Classes That Will Have an Immediate Impact

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    Recruiting is really supposed to be programs setting up their teams about two seasons from their current year. Ideally, you want to sign a talented class, have it come in and spend a year getting bigger and learning your system then in year two have the new recruits get their feet wet and so forth.

    Unfortunately we don't live in a society that puts much value on patience, and that does carry into football. Fanbases want recruits on the field yesterday, and they want those recruits to be playing like junior and seniors. 

    The following programs have top recruiting classes that may just well have an immediate impact next season. 


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    Will Muschamp has shown this year that he's not afraid to play freshmen. The lead Gator tossed a double-digit tally of first-year players on the field in the opening week.

    That trend could continue next year, and Muschamp will have good reason to do so. Even though nearly the entire secondary could return next year, CB Vernon Hargreaves III is just too good to keep off the field.

    RB Kelvin Taylor is ready to tote the rock in Gainesville now, while Quinton Powell and Daniel McMillan could serve as good special teams players in year one while learning their LB responsibilities. 

Notre Dame

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    For starters, the Irish have five very good OL prospects that should see a few of them crack the two-deep rotation. That's an immediate impact right there.

    Torii Hunter's speed will be welcomed at the WR position and perhaps as a returner. However, it's the LB corps that this group should make it's presence felt.

    Jaylon Smith and Alex Anzalone are good football players folks. They can easily become special teams zealots, and Smith is ready to play some nickel LB right now. Whether it's the LB's making an impact or a few of those good OL prospects getting early time, the Irish will find 2013 help from the 2013 class.

Ohio State

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    Urban Meyer will play freshmen, if they know what their doing. Eli Woodard will learn what he needs to do quickly, and at worst will crack the two-deep on the depth chart at CB.

    Cam Burrows won't be far behind him, and the big back end defender's speed should be utilized on coverage units.

    Jalin Marshall may see himself worked into the offense as a freshman as a jack of all trades player. Plus Joey Bosa, Michael Hill and Billy Price will add depth to the DL next year.


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    The foundation of this class and the player that it centered around is none other than QB Shane Morris.

    Morris is said to have come down with a case of mono this season, but if he can recover from it, then he has a good chance to start for Big Blue as a true freshman.

    Next, the Wolverines have four great OL prospects that will add depth to a unit that has been infused with talent over the past two years. Taco Charlton can get some snaps at DE and LB Mike McCray can easily work on special teams.

    The four DB prospects of Dymonte Thomas, Gareon Conley, Jourdan Lewis and Ross Douglas figure to vie for early playing for Greg Mattison too. 


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    The Tigers have had three consecutive good recruiting classes, so I think part of their woes is that they have a young team overall. I think Gene Chizik should not be fired and be given more time to right the ship.

    Chizik has a great class coming in, and it could be a class that has several impact recruits. Reuben Foster is ready to play college football right now. He's got the body and skills to be a high impact guy at LB.

    The same can be said for Carl Lawson at DE and Dee Liner isn't far behind that notion as a DT. RB Jordan Wilkins is a big 6'2" back that could impact the offense earlier than we think. Also, if they hold on to Tashawn Bower, he could make some noise at DE too.

    WR Earnest Robinson is another name to watch too.

    Edwin Weathersby is the College Football Recruiting Analyst for Bleacher Report. He has worked in scouting/player personnel departments for three professional football teams, including the New York Giants, Cleveland Browns and the Las Vegas Gladiators of the Arena League. He spent a year evaluating prep prospects and writing specific recruiting and scouting content articles for Student Sports Football (formerly ESPN Rise-HS). A syndicated scout and writer, he's also contributed to, and Diamonds in the Rough Inc., a College Football and NFL Draft magazine.