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Debate: Was the Monta Ellis-Andrew Bogut Trade a Mistake?

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Debate: Was the  Monta Ellis-Andrew Bogut Trade a Mistake?
Jason O. Watson-US PRESSWIRE

With Andrew Bogut's ankle still not at 100%, would you reconsider doing the trade that shipped off Monta Ellis?


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Definitely NOT a mistake. People need to stop looking at the small picture and look at the bigger one. Although my hopes are still up about Andrew Bog...
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Really? You're gonna cite charles barkley as a source?Bogut is still on the young side of 30 years, so he has plenty of productive years left And as b...
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Monta and Klay would be horrendous, while Stephen is a shooting pg, he does get the assists and can dish. Monta and Klay are the same type of players ...
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Nope, Monta ball was exciting but we finally got a legitmate center. This will pay off in due time, just let Bogut get a feel for how his ankle is
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Monta Ellis is a volume shooter who is a great scorer, but also a liability when he isn't scoring because he can't defend his position's size and he w...
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