4 NFL Head Coaches Who Are on the Hot Seat This Season

Andy LiuCorrespondent INovember 15, 2012

4 NFL Head Coaches Who Are on the Hot Seat This Season

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    Every year, there are several coaches on the hot seat because their teams are either performing under expectations or not performing at all. 

    This year is no different. 

    Even though the head coaches get the brunt of the blame, usually players and assistant coaches behind the scenes deserve some of it as well. 

    It isn't all the head coach's fault if their offense is ranked 30th in the league or doesn't know how to use a talent like Jamaal Charles. But I'm getting too far ahead. 

    These four head coaches are a special case, each one as unique as the other. And not the good kind. 

    They've found ways to not only fail spectacularly but to have the guile to build the fanbase up, making them think they'd be good this year, only to have it all crash down in flames. 

    Here's a quick rundown of the final four that have found a way to discourage their fanbases to the point that they do things like this

Ron Rivera

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    After a very hyped offseason during which Cam Newton seemed on the precipice of taking the next step into becoming a great quarterback, the Panthers have fallen on their collective faces. 

    The play-calling has been as puzzling as the personnel decisions. 

    It all culminated in a game against the Atlanta Falcons when the Panthers decided to punt when they only had to get one measly yard on fourth down. 

    Why not give it to the most athletically gifted quarterback in the league? 

    Matt Ryan then rocked back and dropped a bomb to midfield, and the Falcons went on to win the game on a field goal. 

    It's not only that, but the Panthers have failed to utilize Cam Newton correctly, choosing to have him run a read-option type offense instead of letting him pass. 

    The running game has also been bad because the offensive coordinators can't seem to decide who to use as their main running back.

    They tabbed Jonathan Stewart as their starting running back a couple weeks ago and promised to give him carries, but they have too often veered away from that game plan. 

    The bright side is that the Panthers improved on defense, especially run defense, when they installed Luke Kuechly as the starting middle linebacker. 

    Other than that, it's been a very disappointing year for a Carolina Panthers team that held such great promise going into the season. 

Romeo Crennel

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    In a presumably weak AFC West, the Kansas City Chiefs were expected to at least contend for the title in the offseason. 

    They had talent on both sides of the ball, and with a good bill of health heading into the season, they were a dark-horse candidate for the playoffs. 

    Signing free agents Stanford Routt and Peyton Hillis while getting back injured players like Eric Berry and Tony Moeaki would seem to improve the team. 

    However, it's been an absolute nightmare. 

    Eric Berry has played splendid, but the bad news is that no one else has. 

    Stanford Routt was released last week. Peyton Hillis has been hurt and hasn't been good—even taking away carries from Jamaal Charles—when he's on the field. 

    Jamaal Charles has had several excellent games, but he has followed them up with more than his fair share of duds. However, they haven't been his fault because of the staff's decision to play him sparingly for no reason at all. 

    The lack of imagination on the offensive side of the ball has been alarming. Against the Pittsburgh Steelers on Monday night, they chose to run the ball up the right or left side all game—with no hint at play action or even a screen pass.

    It worked for about two quarters before they proceeded to lose to a Ben Roethlisberger-less Steelers team in overtime. 

    Quarterback Matt Cassel has thrown so many picks that fantasy football owners can't wait to pick up his opposing defense to plug in their rosters. 

    It's a bad season that should only get worse and culminate in a Crennel firing. 

Rex Ryan

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    The New York Jets love circuses. They traded for one in Tim Tebow. And now they've got one. 

    Rex Ryan has gone out and said that not only is Mark Sanchez still the starter but that Tim Tebow was never there to be the starting signal-caller. 

    Then it came out today that players are ripping Tebow for being, as they believe, a terrible quarterback.

    That's just the beginning of the off-field issues, and we haven't even touched the on-field problems yet.

    It's like watching an episode of "Keeping Up with the Kardashians" when you check up on this team. 

    With Darelle Revis and Santonio Holmes out for season—their two most talented players on both sides of the ball—they've been struggling all year.

    Even with those two on the field, it would have been tough for the Jets to score and formulate a pass rush.

    They have a relatively easy schedule ahead and a very weak AFC to navigate through, but they are coming off blowout losses to the Miami Dolphins and Seattle Seahawks.

    There aren't enough stats in the world to grasp how bad the Jets have been, but it starts with quarterback Mark Sanchez, who has failed to show any progression in his career.

    Maybe Pete Carroll was right. 

    He currently owns a 52-percent completion rate and a 28.7 quarterback rating. They may not be accurate indicators of a quarterback's ability, but those are alarmingly low numbers.

    In the pressure cooker known as New York, if the Jets aren't able to make the playoffs in a weak AFC, expect Ryan to get the boot.  

Andy Reid

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    On a team with Jeremy Maclin, LeSean McCoy, DeSean Jackson and Michael Vick, one would expect them to be scoring more than 17.3 points per game. 

    But the Eagles offensive line has allowed Michael Vick to take a pounding to the point where Vick's season may now be in jeopardy. 

    Some of that has been Vick's fault, as he has been unable to improve on his lack of awareness throughout his career and has failed to call out correct audibles on the season.

    The defense also hasn't played well. Nnamdi Asomugha has regressed from being an elite cornerback capable of shutting down half the field to an ordinary cornerback that gives up big plays. 

    Now they have to start rookie Nick Foles behind an offensive line that has been injury-riddled. 

    The schedule isn't getting any easier, as they have four games in their division left and matchups against the Cincinnati Bengals and Tampa Bay Buccaneers. 

    It's going to be a long second half of the season for Andy Reid. He might want to call a timeout to regroup. 

    Oh wait, he's out of them.