Washington Redskins: No Pass Rush Means No Wins

Seth SandlerContributor IINovember 14, 2012

RG3 and Cam Newton FedEx Field
RG3 and Cam Newton FedEx FieldPatrick McDermott/Getty Images

In a recent CBS interview former Redskins cornerback, Fred Smoot said, ““Get him out of here, I think right now you get Jim Haslett out of here,” …“He hasn’t been anything special. He hasn’t found a way to get a (Ryan) Kerrigan loose. He hasn’t found a way to make it easier for the players. He hasn’t found a way to win any games. So, therefore I get a fresh start. I do (it) now… I do that to send a message.”

Unfortunately for Fred Smoot and Redskins' fans who are calling for Haslett’s immediate termination, they need to get their facts straight and understand that he is not the problem. 

Let’s look at the facts, according to Redskins.com:

“In 2011, Haslett’s defense vastly improved from their first year in a 3-4 scheme, finishing as the 13th ranked defense in the league compared to their 31st ranking in 2010. His defensive secondary also improved to 12th in the NFL in passing yards allowed per game (222.1) from its 31st ranking (261.7) in 2010. His unit produced 41 sacks in 2011, which is the most for the Redskins since 2000 (45).” 

Statistically the facts show vast defensive improvements from 2010 to 2011. The real problem that will prohibit the Redskins from winning this year or next year is simply the non-existent pass rush. Is it fair to say that the loss of Arakpo and Carriker were devastating to the defense? Absolutely, losing a starting linebacker and defensive end will dramatically affect any team.

While I am the consummate optimist, the unfortunate reality for the Redskins is that until we have depth on defense we will not be competitive. Robert Griffin III is a phenomenon, this has been proven already. However, without a defense that creates turnovers and puts disruptive pressure on the quarterback consistently this team will inevitably continue to struggle.

Rest assured, RG3 will bring Super Bowls to DC again, but until Mike Shanahan finds a way through the draft and / or free agency to add depth on defense, it will be more disappointment for loyal Redskin's fans in DC.