Hope Solo, Jerramy Stevens and the Strangest Marriages in Sports

Gabe Zaldivar@gabezalPop Culture Lead WriterNovember 14, 2012

Hope Solo, Jerramy Stevens and the Strangest Marriages in Sports

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    Add Jerramy Stevens marrying Hope Solo to the list of things you never saw coming as well as the most bizarre marriages in all of sports. 

    Weird hookups and weird weddings abound throughout pop culture. As you will see, the sports world is not immune to that very phenomenon. 

    The latest is a former NFL player marrying an international superstar amid some crazy circumstances. However, Hope Solo and Jerramy Stevens are but one marriage that made us a little woozy from the initial shock. 

    Here, we count down the others. 

    Please alert us to any omissions you feel were just too odd to leave out. Otherwise, enjoy some pretty off-kilter walks down the aisle. 

8. Sergei Federov and Anna Kournikova Admit to Marriage

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    When you marry someone like Anna Kournikova, you shout the news from the hilltops for the whole world to hear. 

    Not so much with Sergei Federov. 

    According to a 2003 Sports Illustrated report, the two were indeed married but only came out with the news after they had divorced.

    Detroit Red Wings center Sergei Fedorov has admitted he and tennis player Anna Kournikova were married but are now divorced and no longer talk.

    Well, that's not how a Kardashian would have done it. 

    Oh, and there was the 12-year age difference that may be strange for some to consider. 

7. Marko Jaric Marries Adriana Lima

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    Not since Maria Sharapova dated Sasha Vujacic have I been so dumbfounded. This marriage continues to have me flummoxed every single day. 

    I wake up and look at my Marko Jaric poster and wonder how a man like him could get a girl like that. I forget to ask why I have a Jaric poster and continue on with my day. 

    I guess some career 7.1 point-per-game guards who now play in Serbia have all the luck. 

6. Andre Agassi Marries Brooke Shields

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    The 90s were a crazy time for us all. Cartoons didn't suck, the Internet was a slow-moving beast that came with some awful start-up sounds, and Brooke Shields was married to Andre Agassi. 

    The strange pairing only lasted two years, divorcing just ten days before their second anniversary. Agassi would go on to marry fellow tennis star Steffi Graf. 

    Shields would go on to have a career of starring in shows just long enough for the audience to exclaim, "Hey, Brooke Shields is in this episode."

5. Joe DiMaggio Marries Marilyn Monroe

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    We hop into the DeLorean and head back to the year 1954. Joe DiMaggio was about three years removed from a Hall of Fame career and the world was watching the meteoric rise of Marilyn Monroe. 

    This was the bizarre sports pairing that started it all. Their marriage was tumultuous and only lasted a year with public spats peppered throughout. 

4. Lamar Odom Marries Khloe Kardashian

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    From the couple's perfume to their reality TV show, nothing quite seems right here. 

    Maybe it's the skepticism that comes with anything branded with the Kardashian name. Maybe it's the fact the two were married after only weeks of dating

    It could also be that the former Sixth Man of the Year has bloated in the last couple of seasons and is a ghost of his former self. 

    Eh, let's mix it all up and call it a crazy cocktail. 

3. Hope Solo Marries Jerramy Stevens

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    This is one that will have us shaking our heads for quite some time. 

    As NBC's Pro Football Talk reports, Hope Solo and Jerramy Stevens have married in some of the most bizarre circumstances imaginable. 

    First off you have a mega superstar in Solo, who is known around the world, marrying a former NFL player, who has had his fair share of behind-the-scene issues during a very brief career. 

    Second, the marriage comes just days after Stevens was arrested "for a domestic violence incident involving Solo." 

    Since that Monday arrest, Stevens was released after a judge found no evidence that Stevens could be held for a crime. 

    So the couple immediately went through with their plans and married, which is odd when you consider how infrequently a high-profile wedding takes place midweek after much-publicized turmoil. 

    Finally, this all comes after the couple had been reportedly dating for two months. Yup, nothing makes sense in this one. 

2. Dennis Rodman Marries Carmen Electra

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    Let's be honest: It was always going to be a weird marriage when one of the party was Dennis Rodman. 

    Back in 1998, both Dennis Rodman and Carmen Electra were riding high on fame and fortune. The Worm was enjoying the last year of a beautiful run with the Chicago Bulls. 

    One of his last stops before things just became bizarre with the Lakers and Mavericks was a walk down the Las Vegas aisle with Electra. 

    None of us was surprised when the marriage ended shortly after

1. Kris Humphries Marries Kim Kardashian

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    Um, this one takes the wedding cake. 

    This split has been covered more than any iPhone release combined, but we encourage you to catch up with The Huffington Post breakdown of what went wrong if you are so inclined. 

    In the end, people were actually mad when the reality TV wedding, one they were told was a fairy tale romance, turned out to be a farce. 

    It goes to show you: When you watch horrible TV, bad things happen. 

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