Georgia, Alabama Wise to Start Recruiting 6'4" 256-lb 14-Year-Old Early

Andrew KulhaSenior Analyst IIINovember 14, 2012

Via Radi Nabulsi/
Via Radi Nabulsi/

Michail Carter is just a freshman in high school but he's already 6'4'', 256 pounds, which has garnered him attention from SEC powers like Georgia and Alabama.

This is a brilliant move by both the Bulldogs and Crimson Tide, because if Carter lives up to anything near his potential as just a freshman, he's going to be one of the most sought out recruits in the class of 2016.

It's best to get a jump on his recruitment, because everybody is going to be trying to land this kid.

Radi Nabulsi of is reporting that Carter was invited to Georgia's camp back in the Spring:

(Rodney) Garner was introduced to Carter and the Georgia coach decided he wanted to see more of the rising freshman.

“He said, ‘Man, you are big.’ ” Carter said. “He gave me an invite to go to their camp and I was ecstatic to receive it because I really like Georgia and the SEC schools. The Mark Richt camp was real intense. It was long but I endured it. I liked the atmosphere and the kids that were there. We got a chance to tour the school. It was a fun experience. The weight room is fabulous -- that is where I live, in the weight room.”

Nabulsi also quotes Carter on his experience at the Alabama camp:

“The defensive line coach at Alabama, Coach (Chris) Rumph, he put me to work,” Carter said. “I had gone to the Alabama camp in July and he had me doing one-on-one drills with the offensive linemen. I did pretty good for a freshman against all of those seniors. I had turned 14 in May.”

There's a reason why many SEC schools, specifically Alabama, do so well in recruiting year-in and year-out. They start the recruiting process early with players who look like they have the potential to be elite recruits.

Sure, Carter is just a freshman, but it's extremely important for college recruiters to build a rapport and trust with these players as early as possible, especially if they have a chance to be elite. Once they get to be juniors and seniors, almost everybody will be trying to pitch them something, but it's the coaches and recruits that they've known and trusted for a while that will end up getting the most attention from these recruits.

As players get bigger, stronger and better much younger nowadays, the recruiting process is going to have to change as well, and this story with Carter is a great example of just that.

You don't put on the full court press with these great freshman and sophomores, but the more you can get them into your camps and talking with your coaches, the better your chances of landing them will be once they are ready to make a commitment.

The recruiting game is changing, and it's the programs that are able to quickly adapt that will find themselves on top more times than not.

It's extremely smart for Georgia and Alabama to start recruiting the 6'4'', 256 pound freshman right now.

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