Stop Crying: Dealing With JBL For Just a Little Longer

Raymond TursherCorrespondent IMarch 17, 2009

It was hard to find a topic you all are bitching about, and finally I saw a surplus of JBL comments.

I've never been a JBL fan, I really don't think anyone else has either, he's a no talent wrestler who generates heat by having a heartbeat. In reality, I've been waiting for him to retire again. Watching JBL fight isn't possible anymore; all I do is watch his jello-belly jiggle when he gets his ass kicked.

Most people know that JBL is going to retire due to back problems he has been having—the same problems that forced him to join Michael Cole at the commentator's table.

With WM coming right around the corner, JBL has been boasting of some historic moment that he will have at WM in his real home-state of Texas. The follow-up to this is a match with Rey Mysterio, I can barely keep myself from laughing now as I type this. Everyone is figuring he is going to retire as the INT champ at WM which has never been done aside from Trish Stratus with the Women's title.

And while I continually bad-mouth JBL, I remember years ago when John Cena was the US champ and JBL had his "cabinet. That segment was decent, it has some great segments with Undertaker, John Cena, etc.

He has always been a good one for heat, but let's not forget the APA with Farooq. Broken up after WM XX, they were some fan favorites a times, and the concept was good.

The point is, this is the seventh inning stretch with dealing with this guy...let's just power through the last of his career.