NHL Lockout: What Commentators Would Say About the Stoppage

Adam Rickert@adam_rickertAnalyst IINovember 14, 2012

NHL Lockout: What Commentators Would Say About the Stoppage

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    While fans have resorted to watching different leagues and different sports, one can't help but imagine what commentators have been doing. Along with the game itself, fans miss quirky remarks made by certain commentators who have established a name for themselves with their trademark phrases and habits.

    This article is in no way quoting any of these commentators and does in no way portray their opinions. This is meant to be humorous and to entertain readers, nothing else.

Steve Levy

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    "Thanks to ESPN, I haven't broadcasted an NHL game since before the last lockout. I really hope a deal can be made so I can watch some playoffs games that go into SUDDEN DEATH OVERTIME in which the road teams win...basically like every game I've ever broadcasted."

Jack Edwards

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    "The positive thing about the lockout is that we don't have to watch ridiculous dives and cheap shots from Montreal and Vancouver.

    The negative thing is that we can't see the Bruins tear either of the two apart, and we can't see "Brave Steve" Ott's first game against Boston, where Andrew Ference will rip his head off."

Mike Emrick

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    "These guys need to scramble to get a deal done. We're careening on through November here and no hockey in sight. I might as well go and broadcast some water polo while there's time."

Eddie Olczyk

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    "The NHL needs to get a deal done...IMMEDIATELY!

    I say we just play a seven-game series between Pittsburgh and the Chicago Blackhawks for the Stanley Cup. It's bound to happen anyways."

Joe Beninati

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    "В поставляется Ovechkin, пожары и забивает гол! Alex Ovechkin!

    Not the same in Russian."

Joe Bowen

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    "Another lockout? Holy Mackinaw! We still haven't made the playoffs since before the first one! At least the Blue Jays look like they want to bring some wins to Toronto..."

Sam Rosen

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    "It's another NHL lockout!

    Looked like it was going to be the first time in 19 years I could broadcast for the Stanley Cup champions! On to another 54 years I guess..."

Bob Cole

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    "Ohhh baby!!! We're gonna miss another season?

    I was really looking forward to that outdoor game this year between the Maple Leafs and De-Troy-It, but I guess that's cancelled too now."

Rick Jeanneret

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Mike Lange

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    "When I say scratch my back with a hacksaw, I don't mean it literally NHL. Give us a season so we can finally see Sid without him getting hurt.

    Oh Lord Stanley, Lord Stanley, give me...A SEASON!"

Mickey Redmond

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    "Holy mackerel, they can't get the calls right and now they can't even get a deal done? Hello NHL, this is the kind of fighting that the fans don't like. Not the kind that happens on the ice between real athletes."