Morehead State Victory Forces Local Man to Reconsider Entire Bracket

Tim SeemanAnalyst IMarch 17, 2009

Nate Michaels stood at the bar of his favorite drinking establishment Tuesday night, staring in disbelief at the overhead television. It showed the final seconds of the NCAA Tournament play-in game, between Morehead State and Alabama State.

"My God," Michaels muttered, as the Eagles capped off a scintillating 58-43 victory over the Hornets.

Michaels had completed his office pool bracket on Sunday evening, mere minutes after ESPN had announced the pairings.  He had Louisville, Morehead State's next opponent, advancing to the Elite Eight, where they would be upset by the defending national champion, Kansas.

"I just assumed Alabama State would take care of business tonight.  Louisville matched up really well with them.  With Morehead State in the game now, anything can happen," Michaels said.

"Thank goodness I didn't hand my sheet in yet," he added.

While nothing is official yet, Michaels is "seriously considering" starting over with his bracket.

"The guards looked good tonight and that one guy had, like, 20 rebounds.  I don't think the Cardinals have an answer for something like that," he said.

"Plus, they have momentum on their side.  They're a runaway train right now.  I can see them easily making the Sweet 16 if [9th seed] Siena can pull off the miracle against [eighth seed] Ohio State."

Louisville coach Rick Pitino didn't seem nearly as concerned as Michaels did about the Eagle victory over Alabama State.

"Morehead State?  What's a Morehead State?" Pitino queried.