WWE Survivor Series 2012 Matches: How Champions Will Fare at PPV

Brian MaziqueCorrespondent IIINovember 15, 2012

image from FanPop.com
image from FanPop.com

Everyone should understand by now that CM Punk isn't going to lose his title before the Royal Rumble in January. The closer we get to his showdown with The Rock, the more unlikely it is that he loses the gold.

I'd love to be wrong about that, but I'm pretty sure I won't be. 

It would be great to see Punk shocked in the main event at Survivor Series on Sunday by either Ryback or John Cena in their Triple Threat match.

Sure, Punk would need to regain the title on a Monday Night Raw episode or at Tables, Ladders and Chairs in December, but a Punk loss would throw WWE fans a welcomed curveball.

The benefactor in that scenario would likely be Ryback as he is so new to the main event scene, his reputation wouldn't be tarnished by such a short title run. If anything, it would only serve to put him over more.

Still, I wouldn't bet on it. Why?

Because it just feels too right, and when it comes to WWE storylines, that's generally an indication that it won't happen.

How about the other champions putting their belts on the line?


Antonio Cesaro Will Score Another Impressive Title Defense

There is no way R-Truth takes the strap from Cesaro at Survivor Series, In Your House, the Great American Bash or any other pay-per-view that has ever existed.

He's being used in this match to allow the very talented Cesaro to show off more of his in-ring ability. He truly is one of the company's best young Superstars, and R-Truth's in-ring ability matches up perfectly with Cesaro.

Expect to see a spectacular finish in this one. Cesaro will likely catch R-Truth in the middle of a high-flying attack and he'll turn that into a Very European Uppercut and another win.


Eve Torres Will Defeat Kaitlyn, but Then Again, Who Really Cares?

Eve and Kaitlyn are two of my favorite Divas, but neither has the spark to compel me to get emotionally connected to the outcome of this match.

They are both very, very, very easy on the eyes, but Kaitlyn is often sloppy in the ring. She genuinely muddies the performance of most matches she's involved in. Eve is the best in-ring performer of all the Divas, but she's not strong enough to carry Kaitlyn.

It's not time for Eve to give up the gold yet, and she'll earn a victory over Kaitlyn. I'm telling you now, just in case you decide to take your bathroom break during this match.


Big Show Will Get Some Extended Love

Show should keep his World Heavyweight title a little bit longer. Sheamus' run was pretty lengthy considering he won the title in April at WrestleMania and just lost it at Hell In A Cell. There is no reason to give him back the gold so soon.

This one will probably be fairly boring because neither man generally works exciting matches. Show is at his best with lighter Superstars that he can throw around easily. Look forward to a lot of big clubbing blows and a few body slams.

The drama could come via a run-in or some sort of outside interference. Dolph Ziggler has yet to cash in his Money in the Bank, and this could be a spot for him to appear.

He of course is in the Team Ziggler vs. Team Foley match, but he should have enough juice to get involved here as well.


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