Evan Bourne Makes His Return: Possible 'Mania 25 Dark Match?

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Evan Bourne Makes His Return: Possible 'Mania 25 Dark Match?

Evan Bourne made his return on ECW tonight with a successful returning match against Jamie Noble.

This could have been a tricky match for "Air" Bourne. When most superstars return from injury they do win, but you can still see the injuries niggling at them or their performance is a bit stiff, but I was very (albeit quite biased) impressed with Evan's performance tonight.

I expected him to shy away from moves such as his "rewind-rana" or his explosive moonsault, but he performed all his usual jaw dropping moves.

He used his Shooting Star Press for the finish which Noble seemed a bit reluctant to lie down for, but the none the less Bourne pulled the move off as if he was never injured.

As for the dark match mentioned in the title, Tyson Kidd was with the beautiful Natalya watching Evan's match closely. As I said in one of my last articles there has been talk of Kidd and Bourne in a "career long" feud and this could be the start of it so keep your eyes peeled.

I can't see Kidd and Bourne getting brought up to WM now but don't be surprised to see a dark match with the two as Matt Striker hinted at. Personally, over the next few nights I will be dreaming of a Triple Threat for the strap between Jack Swagger, Tyson Kidd, and Evan Bourne.

This is unlikely to be rushed together at the last minute but keep close watch as none of these talented youngstars have anything planned and surely Vincey wouldn't leave these guys out.

That's all for now guys, thanks for reading.



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