WWE Survivor Series 2012: Match Predictions You Can Take to the Bank

Michael Prunka@MichaelPrunkaCorrespondent INovember 14, 2012

WWE Survivor Series 2012: Match Predictions You Can Take to the Bank

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    This year’s Survivor Series pay-per-view is headlined by WWE Champion CM Punk putting the title on the line in a Triple Threat match. Punk will be the minority—few champions will walk out with their title.

    Four championships will be on the line—the Divas, United States, World Heavyweight and, of course, the WWE Championship.

    Add in the traditional five-on-five Survivor Series elimination tag team match, and we have a pretty stacked show for a five-match card.

    If you’re a gambling kind of person, here are bold match predictions you can bank on.

WWE Divas Champion Eve vs. Kaitlyn

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    Kaitlyn has had the WWE Divas Championship in her sights since summertime. By defeating Layla on the Nov. 12 edition of Monday Night Raw, she has earned another shot at Eve and the title.

    Eve retained the championship at Hell in a Cell when she pinned Layla in a Triple Threat that also featured Kaitlyn. Now that it’s one-on-one, Eve’s reign may be in trouble.

    Kaitlyn is on fire. She has plenty of momentum coming off a big win over Layla. If Kaitlyn can step up to the plate in her first pay-per-view singles match for the championship, she will almost certainly walk out as Divas Champion.

    Prediction: Kaitlyn wins the WWE Divas Championship.

United States Champion Antonio Cesaro vs. R-Truth

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    Antonio Cesaro has had some great PPV title defenses in his nearly three-month reign as WWE United States Champion.

    He’s met the challenges presented by Zack Ryder, Santino Marella, Tyson Kidd and Justin Gabriel. His match with R-Truth at Survivor Series may prove to be his toughest challenge yet, though.

    R-Truth is probably the most established wrestler Cesaro has put the title on the line against.

    After a few quality matches that failed to connect with the crowd, Cesaro will be better able to elicit a reaction in his match against R-Truth.

    Not only is it too early to take the title off Cesaro, but R-Truth seems like he was thrown into this match. Having him win the championship would come off as random, to say the least.

    Cesaro will retain at Survivor Series in what will be the biggest match of his WWE career to date. How the crowd reacts to this match could make or break Cesaro’s reign as United States Champion.

    Prediction: Antonio Cesaro retains the WWE United States Championship.

World Heavyweight Champion Big Show vs. Sheamus

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    After losing the World Heavyweight Championship to Big Show at Hell in a Cell, Sheamus will get a rematch at Survivor Series.

    Now that Sheamus is chasing the title, he’s becoming noticeably more serious. With the exception of the “ginger snap” line on a recent edition of Raw, that is.

    Even so, Big Show’s been getting the better of Sheamus more often than not. If Sheamus can manage to pull out a victory, it will be shocking.

    Other than the fact that it’s too early for him to drop the title, Big Show’s been on a mean streak that’s simply too good to end.

    Based on the developing friendship between William Regal and Sheamus, it wouldn’t be surprising to see Regal make an appearance.

    In the end, I expect Big Show to retain the championship. Then I’d have Sheamus level him with the Brogue Kick to set up a cash-in for Ziggler.

    Prediction: Big Show retains the World Heavyweight Championship and Dolph Ziggler cashes in.

Team Foley vs. Team Ziggler

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    This match lost a lot of steam once CM Punk and Ryback were removed from the mix. Not only is there significantly less star power, but it also makes Mick Foley feel out of place.

    The Dolph Ziggler vs. Mick Foley aspect should be a much bigger deal. A verbal feud with Foley could do wonders for Ziggler.

    Unfortunately, that was lost in the shuffle when they scrapped the Team Foley vs. Team Punk idea and threw Ziggler into the mix.

    Even so, this match should be interesting. Ziggler is being put in a position to shine at a major PPV, and the budding babyface turn for Miz could make this match newsworthy.

    Miz being on Team Foley, combined with Kane and Daniel Bryan being more detached as a team than usual, means there’s a lot of uncertainty as to whether or not they can work together.

    Team Ziggler, on the other hand, seems to be pretty cohesive.

    The fact that Team Foley has been portrayed as volatile makes me believe they’ll get it done at Survivor Series.

    At the same time, though, making Ziggler look like a star by having him as the sole survivor of his team would set up a cash-in nicely.

    This match could swing either way. I’m going to call it for Team Ziggler simply because Ziggler, Alberto del Rio and Wade Barrett could use the momentum.

    Prediction: Team Ziggler wins.

WWE Champion CM Punk vs. John Cena vs. Ryback

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    CM Punk is rapidly closing in on the one-year mark for his reign as WWE Champion. The only thing standing between him and that milestone is a Triple Threat match against John Cena and Ryback.

    In the last two weeks, Punk has been pinned clean in the middle of the ring by each of his opponents. He’s lacking momentum heading into Survivor Series.

    The wild card is how much tension is between Ryback and Cena. At the end of the go-home edition of Raw, the two of them stood there pulling on opposite ends of the WWE Championship as Punk looked on.

    Booking 101 says that, because Punk lost on television, he will retain his championship on Sunday.

    It seems almost set in stone that they’re heading toward Rock vs. Punk for the WWE Championship in two months at the Royal Rumble.

    While Punk leaving Survivor Series as champion is a sort of forgone conclusion, the most interesting thing will be how the match plays out.

    Prediction: CM Punk retains the WWE Championship.


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