WWE Survivor Series 2012: 7 Reasons Why Big Show Will Smash Sheamus

Cardiff Wanderer@@CardiffWandererCorrespondent IINovember 14, 2012

WWE Survivor Series 2012: 7 Reasons Why Big Show Will Smash Sheamus

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    The re-emergence of the mammoth Big Show as a genuine title challenger has been one of the WWE’s greatest successes this year. 

    It is strange to think that the most destructive force on SmackDown ended last year with the shortest World Heavyweight title run in history, and then he played fall guy to Cody Rhodes until his victory at WrestleMania. This giant man was even down on his knees begging for his job a few weeks later.

    Of course, this was the turning point for Show, as he went from gentle giant to dominant powerhouse overnight; the ironclad contract that he earned was the key to reinforcing his psyche and gifting him the ability to be destructive once again.

    Months of reckless abandon have seen Show clash with the WWE’s three biggest names—John Cena, CM Punk and Sheamus—and he is now going into Survivor Series as the World Heavyweight champion.

    The giant’s reign is only just beginning, and here are seven reasons why Big Show will continue on as champion after Survivor Series and smash Sheamus along the way.

Restoring Big Show’s Reputation Is Hugely Important for His Future

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    It is highly doubtful that Big Show will ever garner the respect that a man of his size and ability should, as promoters have found booking him difficult throughout his career.

    So it is paramount that the WWE do not squander this opportunity to continue the idea of Big Show being the biggest and strongest man in the business. Sheamus is a much younger man who has already had a lengthy six-month run with the title, so he can afford a couple of losses and he doesn’t really gain anything from becoming the champion again at this point anyway. 

    Show is already 40, so his ability to recover and perform will start to fail him. 

    Making Show into this big destructive force that can end championship runs, even when he is up against the strongest opponents, opens up the opportunity to use him as a devilish part-time contributor. This will only happen if the WWE can maintain his reputation as it is now.  

Big Show’s Size Makes Him the King of Power Moves

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    Sheamus has made his reputation as someone who likes to fight, and he is willing to brawl with whoever stands in front of him. 

    Yet Big Show should be seen as a giant who is too big, too strong and too durable for this gung-ho approach to work. 

    This does not mean that other styles or tactics could not fell the Big Show, but it is important for the WWE Universe to see that Sheamus will come up short using that approach against him. Otherwise it undermines the fundamental advantages that Show possesses, and so it would endanger the way fans see him.

    All this means that Sheamus must feel the wrath of Show’s power moves once again at Survivor Series. 

Big Show Losing Would Take Too Much Away from Other Superstars

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    In creating the re-imagined Big Show, the WWE have seen it fit for the giant to go through many of the brightest up-and-comers in the business. These future stars have taken their beatings and several have vowed revenge, which makes Big Show the perfect champion for new contenders to go up against.

    Losing to Sheamus removes that natural lane of progression for growing talent. Worse, having Sheamus as a greater force than Big Show creates another proverbial glass ceiling for many of these future prospects to break through, as talent will not be considered worthy of challenging Sheamus until they have defeated Show. 

    With so many one-time champions filling up the midcard, as they cannot get into the title picture, fewer and fewer of these superstars are considered legitimate threats to the title and thus, the strength of the roster fades.  

    Big Show getting the best of Sheamus is suddenly in the best interest of the whole of the WWE Universe.

10 Years Since Big Show’s Biggest Win

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    WWE likes to celebrate landmark moments, even if this is done quietly.

    Arguably the biggest moment of Big Show’s entire career happened at the 2002 Survivor Series, when he became the first man to get a pinfall victory over Brock Lesnar. At the time, Lesnar was considered an unstoppable machine that neither size nor skill could better. Show, with the assistance of Paul Heyman, managed to prove that idea wrong and claim his second WWE title.

    Sheamus is not too dissimilar now to how Lesnar was then, so a repeat performance and a identical dirty victory for Show would not be surprising. 

Sheamus Needs to Lose to Become a Bigger Star Down the Line

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    One of the biggest reasons why Big Show will get the better of Sheamus on Sunday is that the Irish brawler needs to lose to further his career. 

    There is no challenger for him on SmackDown who can enhance his image as a champion. All he can do is stagnate in his position until there is a backlash against his dominance that will see him make a unwise heel turn or simply lose his position in the WWE and drift back down to the midcard. 

    Losing can give Sheamus drive. He can be seen learning new techniques for the rare occasions that his brawling ability is not enough to get the job done. Sheamus can also work with some of the younger talent on a more consistent basis, who will enhance his reputation in the ring.

    In this way, Show getting the victory is nearly as important for Sheamus’ future as it is to the giant’s.

Big Show Can Make Someone Else into a Main-Eventer with a Brace of Wins

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    Another key advantage of having Big Show win at Survivor Series is the opportunity to make another hopeful talent into a superstar.

    Big Show’s pure size has always helped build other wrestlers—he was a key component in making John Cena what he is—however, the addition of a double win over Sheamus will make the man who beats Show an instant main-eventer.

    Such a chance comes along rarely, and there are any number of talents who are ready to make that jump with Show’s assistance. It is a golden opportunity that cannot be wasted.  

Fans Are Ready for New Championship Rivalries

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    Most members of the WWE Universe are pleased that the company’s two top titles have been under long reigns, to help those belts restore some of the prestige that had been lost. 

    Almost a year later—and with only John Cena, Alberto Del Rio, Daniel Bryan, Chris Jericho, Big Show and now Ryback having multiple attempts at both titles—fans are ready for some fresh championship battles that do not include the above names and CM Punk or Sheamus.

    Big Show smashing Sheamus and then losing to one of the midcard talents instantly causes this to happen, and the run into WrestleMania would then be between two superstars who have not fought against one another for the World Title for at least an entire calendar year. 

    This reason ties up the case for why Big Show will smash Sheamus at Survivor Series, as this result is better for the WWE in so many ways.