The 50 Most Overrated Things in Sports

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The 50 Most Overrated Things in Sports
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There are few arguments that strike a nerve like the one about who or what is overrated. And though it's not limited to just sports, no one is ever going to get punched in the face over the perceived superiority of uncured versus cured bacon. When it comes to our favorite teams and athletes, the loyalties, passion and experiences can span generations.

When you use the label "overrated," you're going deeper, implying far more than just explicitly saying a player or team is bad. You're basically telling the other side that its opinions are based on false pretenses.

So when you go there, you must tread carefully, because being called "overrated" doesn't mean the accusation doesn't have merit. And while discussions, lists and rankings about who or what is overrated almost exclusively focus on individual athletes, teams or coaches, this slideshow goes far beyond that.

We're going to look at everything, because pointing out some guy's so-so on-base percentage or a quarterback's below-average yards per pass has been done ad nauseum.

It's time to expand our horizons and take a look at the the 50 Most Overrated Everything in Sports.

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