Playing 'Fact or Fiction' with the MLB's Biggest Trade and Free-Agent Rumors

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The winter meetings draw closer with immense buzz floating around some marquee MLB stars.

It's time once again to separate the fact from the fiction regarding the scuttlebutt from MLB rumors.

Join MLB Lead Writer Zach Rymer and MLB contributor Gabe Zaldivar on another debate-fueled video centered around some of the biggest rumors out there right now.

Gabe and Zach touch upon R.A. Dickey, who may be close to capturing a Cy Young Award; Justin Upton, who is once again on Arizona's trade block; and Josh Hamilton, who is pretty much the biggest bat on the open market.

Something tells us this is going to be one entertaining winter.

Of course, this is just the star of a beautiful argument. Feel free to chime in with your thoughts on trade rumors and how you see baseball’s offseason shaping up, or just take the debate to Twitter.

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