Tennessee's Tyler Bray Sets Twitter on Fire with Pay Comment

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Tennessee's Tyler Bray Sets Twitter on Fire with Pay Comment
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Twitter took the words right out of Tyler Bray's mouth and threw a gigantic party. 

The Tennessee quarterback decided to use a cliche to answer a throwaway question. But instead of putting people to sleep, as most sports cliches do, he incited a virtual riot. 

Early Tuesday, senior writer at GoVols247.com, Wes Rucker, tweeted this exchange out to the masses.


That's pretty much the time that all hell broke loose. We are a sports culture that has seen a great many collegiate scandals and assume the next one is just waiting to peek its ugly little head up from the shade. 

Of course, the junior quarterback was just trying to say players are supposed to go out there and be productive as vaunted members of the team. He just happened to use the phrase every last professional athlete uses. 

Only, when an amateur says the same, it becomes headline news, as well as a running joke.

There was this tweet from Lexington sports anchor Mary Jo Perino who takes aim at the team's lackluster 4-6 record and zero wins in conference. 

Although Bray is having quite the season with 3216 yards passing and 29 touchdowns.

This fan chimes in with a similar tweet.


Bomani Jones adds his humor to the mix.


And on and on it went with most folks making light of an athlete who clearly misspoke with just a few skeptics peppered into the mix. 

Just to be on the safe side, no matter the wins or losses, amateur athletes need to just steer clear from any words tied to getting paid. 

That sort of thing apparently makes us all crazy. 

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