Hope Solo Involved in Altercation with Former NFL TE Jerramy Stevens

Richard LangfordCorrespondent INovember 13, 2012

Star soccer goalie Hope Solo was involved in an incident with former NFL tight end Jerramy Stevens that resulted in Stevens being arrested for domestic violence. A judge has since ruled there was not probable cause that Stevens assaulted Solo. 

This information comes from the Twitter feed of King TV's Chris Daniels, and it has been a revealing stream. In that stream, Daniels linked to this picture of Stevens, dressed in an orange jumpsuit, in court. 

Daniels later tweeted the result of that court appearance. 

BREAKING: Judge does NOT find probably cause that Stevens assaulted Solo

— Chris Daniels (@ChrisDaniels5) November 13, 2012

In his Twitter feed, Daniels relays information from court documents that include that the incident occurred on Monday in Kirkland, Wash., at 3:45 a.m.. The incident was also described in the documents and Daniels reports there was "a small amount of blood" on Solo's elbow. Also, she was described as Stevens' fiance. 

Daniels also added this picture:

Solo is in red shirt in front of me: twitter.com/ChrisDaniels5/…

— Chris Daniels (@ChrisDaniels5) November 13, 2012

The Seattle PI's Nick Eaton and Casey McNerthney added the following:

Stevens was arrested after police were called to an altercation in which Solo's younger brother, Marcus, had used a "stun gun."

They report that Marcus "allegedly fought with some unwanted party guests" earlier in the evening, and that Solo, according to documents, was not "very cooperative with police." 

According to the Seattle PI article, the police found Stevens sleeping on the bedroom floor, and he was apparently doing so behind the bed, which would lead one to wonder if Stevens was hiding—a charge that Eaton and McNerthney report he denied. 

Daniels did add some information about the possible root of the alleged incident with this tweet:

BREAKING: Police report says Stevens and Solo were set to get married on Tuesday and argument was about whether they'd live in FL or WA

— Chris Daniels (@ChrisDaniels5) November 13, 2012

Stevens is no stranger to legal problems. He has previously been accused of armed assault and rape.

There will certainly be plenty of media attention being paid to this moving forward, but it appears unlikely that any concrete details will come to light. It will be interesting to see whether Solo or Stevens speaks publicly on the incident.