Michael Vick's Superstitions and Silver Linings Playbook: BR5

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Superstitions are an integral part of sports. How you watch, what you do when you watch, even what you wear can all play a part into the reason why we all watch. 

The athletes, who play the sports we live and die for, are no different. In fact, sometimes their superstitions are as quirky as our own, as we learn from Philadelphia Eagles superstars Michael Vick and DeSean Jackson. Break those superstitions, and you run the risk of cursing yourself into a loss.

'Silver Linings Playbook' is an upcoming film from the Weinstein Company, starring Bradley Cooper, and Robert DeNiro that deals with a man (Cooper) who is getting his life together with the help of his parents, and their shared love of the Philadelphia Eagles. The camaraderie of sport is a powerful thing, as we learned when we teamed with the Weinstein Company to get sports superstitions not only from Eagles fans, but the Eagles themselves, as well as the stars of "Silver Linings Playbook."

SILVER LININGS PLAYBOOK opens in select cities this Friday, 11/16 and expands to additional theaters next Friday, 11/21.  Visit http://silverliningsplaybookmovie.com/ for additional information. Check out the SILVER LININGS PLAYBOOK Facebook page to listen to play lists from the film and to enter your own game day superstition.  

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