Arsenal 2-1 Hull, Phil Brown Blows His Stack

Pig FarmerContributor IMarch 17, 2009

Arsenal beat Hull 2-1 in an edgy affair that saw seven yellow cards shown, two for Arsenal and five for Hull. Nicky Barmby opened the scoring on 12 minutes with a powerful strike that deflected off Djourou and looped over Fabianski into the goal. Hull, 1-0 up, then proceeded to slow the game, and wind up a visibly irate Arsene Wenger.

The second half Arsenal swamped Hull, who had blatantly parked the bus, but it wasn't till the 74th minute that the breakthrough came with a dazzling display from Bendtner, Arshavin, and finally Van Persie to tie the match 1-1.

Arsenal kept pushing for the second goal, and on 84 minutes Gallas nodded the Gunners to Wembley. Despite Gallas offside, it would have made little difference. If that goal had been disallowed, Arsenal would have scored another anyway. From the moment they scored their first, you could sense that Arsenal were going to snatch it.

I watched this match on Setanta, and when there was no handshake at the end between the managers, I knew that the after match discussion wasn't going to be about football at all. Sure enough, Phil Brown came on with the steam still coming out of his ears and accused Fabregas of spitting at assistant Hull Manager, Brian Horton.

Arsene, on the other hand, came on and claimed the goal to be a good-un and offered his usual team spirit speech.

Anyway, Wembley on the 18th of April. Chelsea are all that stand between Arsenal and the Final.