What's In a Name? Grand National, Winston Cup, Nextel Cup, or Sprint Cup

Robert PritchettContributor IMarch 17, 2009

What I don't understand is, why NASCAR announcers, newspapers, etc. cannot use the correct terminology when referring to past champions. 

For instance: Richard Petty was never a Nextel or Sprint Cup champion. Jeff Gordon was never a Nextel or Sprint Cup Champion, but a four-time Winston Cup Champion. 

Jimmie Johnson has been a Nextel and Sprint Cup champion. 

What bothers me, is the fact when the talk of Gordon's championship, they refer to him as a four-time Sprint Cup Champion. I bet none of his four trophies say Sprint Cup, but instead say Winston Cup. 

I feel that whoever was sponsoring NASCAR at the time when a driver won a championship, that is how the driver's championship should be referred to, not by the present sponsor.

Is there a contract situation where they can't mention the other sponsors, or a gag order by NASCAR?

If I were a driver and won a champion when there was another sponsor for the series, that is how I would want my championship referred to.