2009 F1 Manufacturers Title Prediction

Isuru Wakishta ArachchiCorrespondent IMarch 17, 2009

Following is my revised 2009 prediction for manufacturers title.

1) Ferrari: Great pair of drivers, fastest car.

2) BMW: Only team that sand-bagged the performance in preseason testing, it is a sure beast.

3) BrawnGP: Unique fast car with the best engine and decent drivers. Lack of KERS and last minute integration with an alien engine means competitive advantage and reliability is questionable. With the worst 2008 F1 engine replaced with the best engine in the grid in a chassis that has been developed over years BrawnGP is definitely a force to reckon with but not quite as many might think.

4) Renault: Alonso lifts the team up and Piquet lets it down. Heck Alonso might even win the drivers title if Ferrari has reliability issues.

5) Toyota: They just lack the final 1% of magic that differentiates good ones from the best.

6) Reb Bull: Newey has not delivered a cracker it seems. Nevertheless Vettel will flourish in rain.

7) Mclaren: Too much ground to catch. No stolen tire data and no good feedback from drivers has taken it's toll. Expect a recovery later in the season but may be too little too late.

8) Torro-Rosso: Magic must be gone along with Vettel.

9) Wlliams: Competition is too fierce nowadays and money matters a lot.

10) Force-India: Mercedes bail-out will not change reality.