Chiefs vs. Steelers: Winners and Losers from Kansas City's 16-13 Overtime Loss

Farzin Vousoughian@farzin21Contributor IIINovember 13, 2012

Chiefs vs. Steelers: Winners and Losers from Kansas City's 16-13 Overtime Loss

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    After a grueling Monday Night Football game against the Pittsburgh Steelers, in which overtime was the last thing expected, the Kansas City Chiefs fought hard, but fell short.

    The most frustrating part is, Chiefs fans felt good about this game and noticed some missed opportunities in the game. A couple of big plays cost the Chiefs and ultimately played a factor in Monday night's result.

    Here are your winners and losers from Kansas City's overtime loss.

Winner No. 1: Jamaal Charles

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    Jamaal Charles enjoyed a 100-yard game against a good defense, but he couldn't celebrate it with a win.

    Charles scored the first touchdown of the game and the Chiefs took their first lead of the season after not doing so for 494 minutes and 56 seconds this year.

    Charles was roughed up by the Steelers defense in the second half, but had it not been for his early success, the Chiefs would not have led nor forced the game into overtime.

Loser No. 1: Matt Cassel

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    Matt Cassel played a clean game by not turning the ball over in regulation. However, the Cassel every Chiefs fan loves to hate came in his true form in overtime.

    Cassel threw an interception in overtime, which set up the game-winning field goal for the Steelers on the next play.

    Cassel, despite a good game in regulation, holds a lot of responsibility for Monday's loss.

Winner No. 2: Chiefs Linebackers

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    Give it up for Justin Houston. This guy knows how to dance. But he also knows how to play defense along with Tamba Hali and Derrick Johnson.

    Hali and Houston got the best of Ben Roethlisberger and Byron Leftwich by applying pressure and forcing them to get rid of the football sooner than they wanted to. Johnson closed in on ball-carriers and collected two tackles for a loss.

    The linebackers showcased themselves in the national spotlight, proving that they can contribute and make big plays for the defense.

Loser No. 2: Chiefs Receivers

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    Dwayne Bowe and Jon Baldwin are Cassel's top two receivers, yet they aren't very reliable.

    Bowe dropped a couple of passes and caught only four passes out of the nine thrown his direction. Baldwin, who has been unreliable all season, caught only one pass and suffered an injury later in the game.

    Even though the Chiefs have issues at quarterback, the wide receivers are right next to the quarterback in terms of problems and the importance of bringing in new players for those positions.

Winner No. 3: Eric Berry

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    Eric Berry has struggled a bit this season, but made an impact today. Berry had his hands on a couple of passes and also applied pressure on Leftwich during a key play.

    Berry also had five tackles including one for a loss. He had issues covering Heath Miller, but the Chiefs liked what they saw out of him on Monday night.

Loser No. 3: Branden Albert

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    Nothing hurts more than an offensive lineman getting called for holding on a touchdown play.

    That is exactly what happened to Branden Albert against the Steelers. Cassel connected with Bowe on a screen pass and Bowe ran it in for a touchdown, but the officials called Albert for holding. Eventually, the Chiefs got no touchdown score and missed a field goal shortly after that.