WWE Raw: What the Latest Episode Told Us About Survivor Series

Ryan DilbertWWE Lead WriterNovember 12, 2012

photo by Reckless Dream Photography
photo by Reckless Dream Photography

The most recent episode of Raw before Survivor Series provided some clarity on the cloudy picture of the pay-per-view.

Fans now know what Divas match will be on the card, who Antonio Cesaro will defend his title against and just who the fifth member of Team Foley is.

The two world title matches were set before this episode, but both received a boost of momentum courtesy of a few Big Show knockout punches to William Regal and a CM Punk vs. John Cena main event.

While WWE tried to entice fans with those two matches, the rest of the Survivor Series card began to fill up with secondary matches. The following are the match announcements, a potential teaser and the team adjustment that this Raw revealed to us.  


Kaitlyn is the No. 1 Contender

Eve Torres will defend her Divas title against the woman she or may not have had attacked before Night of Champions.

In a match you may have missed if you turned away from the screen for a few seconds, Kaitlyn delivered an inverted DDT on Layla to gain the opportunity to enact her revenge. Kaitlyn earned the No. 1 contender's spot as Eve looked on from the announcers' table.

Judging by the lack of buildup and the brevity of the Layla and Kaitlyn match, the Divas Championship is, not surprisingly, low on WWE's list of priorities.

Fans of either the champion or the challenger shouldn't expect the women to get much of a chance to showcase their skills. 


A Potential 4-on-4 Elimination Match is up for Grabs

Raw gave us a possible preview of a 4-on-4 elimination tag team match to satisfy the Survivor Series traditionalists out there.

Rey Mysterio and Sin Cara teamed with Justin Gabriel and Tyson Kidd against The Prime Time Players and Primo and Epico. The fast-paced, exciting match begs to be repeated with elimination rules.

This is a perfect way to showcase four separate tag teams while remaining true to the Survivor Series theme. The chaotic ending on Raw saw Gabriel hit the 450 splash on Darren Young with a pile of bodies on the outside of the ring.

With all the previous bad blood between these teams, this eight-man tag could serve as a teaser to an entertaining match on Sunday.


R-Truth will face Antonio Cesaro

In an effort to keep Antonio Cesaro relevant and give him airtime, WWE is pitting him against R-Truth for the United States Championship at Survivor Series.

R-Truth won relatively easy against Tensai as Cesaro watched on, a man purse hung around his shoulder.

Truth vs. Cesaro won't get much publicity, but it should be a solid midcard match. It's refreshing to see WWE properly use the U.S. champ. Some recent U.S. title holders have been relegated to spot duty, spending too much time inactive backstage.

Cesaro has been a consistent performer and will get a shot against the speedy Truth with a pay-per-view audience looking on.


The Miz is on Team Foley

The Miz defected from Team Ziggler and was voted in by the WWE universe as the last member of Team Foley.

Throughout Raw, WWE strongly hinted that Miz could be joining the good guys. He insulted Dolph Ziggler backstage and convinced Mick Foley to consider him for the team.

Daniel Bryan appears to be jealous of Miz and Kane's partnership. We'll have to see if that tension manifests itself in the elimination match.

Miz has shown signs of a face turn and Survivor Series should mark his official journey away from villainy.  He will join Team Hell No, Randy Orton and his recent rival, Kofi Kingston, against Ziggler's squad.

Either WWE will have Miz make amends with the man who took the Intercontinental title from him or Team Foley will be an entertaining mess of dysfunction.