10 Slickest, Most Ridiculous Offensive Moves so Far in 2012

Thomas Atzenhoffer@socceratzCorrespondent IINovember 16, 2012

10 Slickest, Most Ridiculous Offensive Moves so Far in 2012

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    There is nothing better than a great goal that lights up the crowd and gets a club truly stuck into a match, except for one thing.

    That one thing is a great piece of skill that either makes the opposing defense hang their head in shame and admit defeat or that sets up the said great goal.

    To follow are 10 of the best pieces of skill in various aspects of the game since the beginning of the 2012-13 season in August.

Rafael Da Silva

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    Had to give at least one defender a shout-out and Manchester United's young right-back Rafael Da Silva makes a hell of a full on tackle on the 3:49 mark.


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    Malaga youth sensation Isco is pure class in the bottom of the near penalty corner starting at the 1:32 mark.

Raheem Sterling

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    It may be a training ground move, but small stature Liverpool youngster Raheem Sterling gets the better of much stronger and taller defender Daniel Agger at the 35 second mark.

Isaac Cuenca

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    FC Barcelona's young midfielder Isaac Cuenca takes a great full speed turn on the ball at 2:18.

Sofiane Feghouli

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    Valencia youngster Sofiane Feghouli puts on a skills show at 1:18 in the video above and is sure to continue to delight the eyes in the future.

Adrian Lopez

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    Great footwork in a hard place by Atletico Madrid forward Adrian Lopez at 2:03.


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    Brazilian midfielder Willian fooled the Tottenham defense at the 25 second mark in the video above.

Lionel Messi

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    You might as well watch the whole video. It is Lionel Messi after all, and he is one of the masters of getting out of tight spots with crazy dribbles.

Luis Suarez

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    Luis Suarez of Liverpool scored one of the English Premier League goals of the season with his moves and control against Newcastle United on November 4, 2012.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic

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    Zlatan Ibrahimovic's goal against England is without a doubt the talk of the moment, what a piece of either pure class or just straight up luck on a day when it was all going his way.