Arsenal's Arsene Wenger Out? Be Careful What You Wish For!

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Arsenal's Arsene Wenger Out? Be Careful What You Wish For!
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Arsene Wenger is going through his toughest time ever as the Arsenal manager. A lot of fans have lost faith in him and are calling for his head. 

I am amazed by this. Wenger has done so much for Arsenal and has done it all on a shoestring budget with teams that play attractive attacking football.

He has managed to consistently keep them a top-four side and to turn a profit at the same time, and he has done all this under the shadow of the new stadium.

Why is Moyes constantly raved about for doing so well with so little (albeit with a lower wage structure), and yet Wenger gets criticized for doing better spending even less? 

Wenger is actually been punished for overachieving. Its because he has consistently done so well with so little that he is now getting criticized when his team stops punching above their weight. 

Just look at the Transfer League for the last five years.

Arsenal are the bottom club, making a profit of £9 million per season.

Stoke have spent £15 million per season, and no one is calling for Pulis to be sacked. 

Man City have spent £81 million per season in the same time span. 

Since the Premier League began, Arsenal have averaged a Nett spend of £1 million per season compared to the likes of Chelsea, who have spent £21 million per season. 

Clive Rose/Getty Images

Yes, Wenger has plenty of faults—he wont sign a keeper, he has no plan B, etc—and he has made plenty of mistakes, but come on, how can some people not see what a truly amazing job he is doing there? He should be praised for it and not ridiculed. 

I understand Arsenal fans are used to winning things, challenging for the league and that the match tickets at the emirates are the most expensive in the league, but they need to stop blaming Wenger.  

He can only spend what he has and he clearly hasn't got the funds or the wage structure to compete with the likes of Chelsea, City and Utd. 

I really hope Wenger turns things around and gets Arsenal back into the top four as he deserves to, but if he doesn't, then I hope he steps down before the fans turn on him and force him out.

Then we will see how long it takes for the same fans to realize just how lucky they were to have him, because without him Arsenal will turn into a mid-table team just like Liverpool have, and the European nights will be a distant memory. 

Wenger is one of the greatest managers of all time. No other manager could consistently get Champions League football with his net spend. Truly unbelievable. 

Be careful what you wish for, Arsenal fans. 

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