NFL News: Resting Michael Vick Right Call for Struggling Eagles

Ethan GrantAnalyst INovember 12, 2012

PHILADELPHIA, PA - NOVEMBER 11:   Michael Vick #7 of the Philadelphia Eagles carries the ball in the first quarter against the Dallas Cowboys on November 11, 2012 at Lincoln Financial Field in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  (Photo by Elsa/Getty Images)
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Michael Vick suffered a concussion in the second quarter against the Dallas Cowboys. On consecutive plays, his head hit the turf hard after being driven to the ground. He would be taken to the locker room and would not return.

News has surfaced that the concussion might be a lingering issue that will force him out of the lineup for the remainder of the season. According to Jason Cole of Yahoo! Sports, head coach Andy Reid and the coaching staff are leaning towards taking him out of the lineup for the duration of what's been a poor season in Philadelphia. 

Here's an excerpt from the piece:

Two sources said Monday morning that it's a pretty strong bet that, barring an odd change in circumstances, Vick will be "rested" for the remainder of the season by Reid and the coaching staff. In place of Vick, rookie Nick Foles will start, and the sources believe Reid will use the development of Foles as a springboard to keep his job as the Eagles' coach.

"I'm 99 percent sure that's exactly what you're going to see happen," a source said Monday morning. "Andy is going to go to [owner] Jeff [Lurie] and [general manager] Howie [Roseman] and say, 'Let's go with Foles and make the transition to the next era."

There's clearly more than one story at play here.

On one hand, Reid and the staff are making the right call with Vick. At 3-6, they would have to finish the year undefeated to have a shot at the postseason, and the schedule lends them no breaks to accomplish that feat.

With that in mind, it's a prudent time to see if Foles can carry the load. He wasn't bad at all against Dallas, throwing for 219 yards and a touchdown in just over two quarters of action. He did have two costly turnovers, but what can you expect from a rookie thrust into the fire?

Vick is also turning out to be one of the worst investments in NFL history. After his breakout year as a situational QB during Donovan McNabb's last go-round, the Eagles signed him to another $100 million contract. He's the highest-paid player on the team, and keeping him available for a better shot at the postseason next year is the right move.

However, is that the only reason Reid is making this call?

In an on-air interview with ESPN 97.3, Cole made sure the fans knew that Reid is ready to throw out every possible solution towards keeping his job.

Jason Cole: "Andy Reid is prepared to go down with the ship."

— 97.3 ESPN FM (@973espn) November 12, 2012

The comments from the unidentified source in Cole's Yahoo! article confirm that whatever the final outcome from this season, Reid is clearly playing all the cards in his deck.

If Vick stays on the shelf and the Eagles continue to tank, they are in position to bring him back next year in what could be a final run, no matter the outcome. A similar position could be in play where they let Vick go at the end of the season, taking the cap hit and starting over without Reid, too.

If Foles plays well, Reid could be ready to throw all his eggs in that basket. It might not save his job after consecutive disappointments with a high salary cap number, but then again, it just might.

In any event, Vick needs to stay on the bench. He hasn't played well this season, although the lack of an offensive line and underproduction from other areas of this football team have doomed the final result more than the QB position.

These final seven weeks should be a time of reflection for the franchise. Fans are fed up with Vick, whether or not he is the lone culprit for a 3-6 start. Let the Foles era begin as we await the verdict on whether or not Reid will be the head coach in 2013.


Ethan Grant is a featured columnist and syndicated writer for B/R's Breaking News Team.