NFL Draft: What Will the 49ers Do with 10th Pick?

Jamel ChamberlainContributor IMarch 17, 2009

With the 49ers at the 10th spot in April's draft, there's been a lot of different opinions on what they should do with their pick.

I have seen everything from taking an offensive lineman to the possibility of taking Aaron Maybin, the DE/LB from Penn State. I have my own spin on this, though, with Julius Peppers on the block from the Carolina Panthers. 

Why not give up a second this year and a third next year for Peppers? This would be a better deal than the one the Patriots are supposedly offering, and it would put the 49ers in a position at 10 to have a lot more flexibility with their pick.

If they would like to go with an offensive lineman at that point, fine. Alternatively, you could take Maybin and have the makings of a serious front seven: DE J.Smith, NT A. Franklin, DE Julius Peppers, OLB M. Lawson, MLB T. Spikes, MLB P. Willis, OLB A. Maybin.

This would be a very young group that could cause damage for quite some time. Just my thought!!!