Robby Gordon Gets Caught Cheating; Sponsor for Bodine @ Martinsville

Brandon CaldwellCorrespondent IMarch 17, 2009

Robby Gordon got caught cheating in the Baja 250 race that Robby ran last weekend and finished second at. He went off course intentionally to pass another competitor.

According to, Gordon was spotted by a pit crew that saw his truck drive by them.

At the time, the pit crew thought that his truck had broken down, but when they learned that he finished second, they said something to race officials.

He knocked off four miles off the course in order to pass Ed Herbst, who has signed a paper saying that he had saw Gordon go off the course.

Two sets of Toyo tire tracks were found where the crew said Robby went off course.

If he is found guilty, he could face probation.

I just love Robby. I don't know why; if it were anybody else, I'd be mad at them, but I guess we expect things like this from Robby Gordon.

Remember when he took a piece of padding off of the roll cage in his Cup car and threw it out the window.

The video tape clearly showed Robby throwing out the window, yet he still denied it.

Also, Todd Bodine's truck No. 30 for Germain Racing has a sponsor for Martinsville.

Whelen will be on the truck, and the truck will sport the logo "all products made in America," for Whelen, which is interesting since the truck is a Toyota.