Dunkin' Donuts Plans Life-Sized Rob Gronkowski Cake Because Life Is Crazy

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Dunkin' Donuts Plans Life-Sized Rob Gronkowski Cake Because Life Is Crazy
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Rob Gronkowski is about to look delicious. 

While that statement without context may be hardly palatable, you will soon see it is fairly accurate, because Dunkin' Donuts makes a damn good dessert. 

The company that makes a pretty good amount of money providing people like me the tasty treats we demand at all hours of the night are about to provide one of their spokesman with quite the homage. 

Boston.com reports Dunkin' Donuts has commissioned a bakery to make a life-sized cake of Rob Gronkowski. There is no word on how much beer the cake will be able to imbibe when done. 

The bakers at Montilio’s Baking Co. were tasked with the unusual request and reportedly love the end result. The owner of the bakery, George Montilio, went so far as to say, "It looks just like him. Right down to his smile.”

If all of this sounds bizarre, well, that's because it is. Still, it makes sense when you consider Gronk is an enthusiastic spokesman of the donut chain. 

Jim Rogash/Getty Images

The report states he has a Facebook sweepstakes entitled, the "DD Gronkoff."

The competition asked fans to imitate the Gronk Spike or take a snapshot of them with a poster of Gronk at local Dunkin' Donuts locations. 

The winners will get to meet the real deal on Tuesday as well as, "chow down on Dunkin’ Donuts Bakery Sandwiches."

You might be sitting there thinking one of two things. You now have an insatiable hunger for a glazed donut, or you may be flabbergasted at how much flour goes into such an undertaking. 

The report goes on to detail a bake job this massive. 

According to Montilio, his creation contains enough ingredients for 15 sheet-cakes. A cast-iron frame and bits of Styrofoam were used to help hold things together, and Montilio estimated that 80 hours of work went into the project.

At the end of it, they have a huge cake that looks like Rob Gronkowski

The world will continue to spin and the NFL season will hardly be affected by such a news item. In fact, you may forget all about this in due time. 

Please know that no matter how hard you try to forget this fact, know that there is a life-sized cake of Patriots star and Super-Duper Bro, Rob Gronkowski

Nothing you ever do in life will ever change that fact. 

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