WWE Survivor Series 2012: 10 Things to Know About the Big Show-Sheamus Match

Daine Pavloski@@dpavloskiAnalyst IINovember 15, 2012

WWE Survivor Series 2012: 10 Things to Know About the Big Show-Sheamus Match

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    Big Show and Sheamus have been going at it for weeks on WWE's blue brand. After Big Show scored a huge victory over Sheamus at Hell in a Cell three weeks ago, the feud has heated up considerably. 

    Now, with William Regal involved and their battles spilling onto Raw, their matchup at Survivor Series has become a lot more interesting. 

    Here are 10 things to know before the match this weekend. 

1. William Regal's Friendship

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    One of the most interesting aspects of this feud going into Survivor Series is the recent addition of William Regal. 

    WWE released a "cellphone video" from their Europe trip which showed Big Show attacking Sheamus and Regal in a pub. 

    Since then, Regal and Sheamus formed a tag team on Smackdown and Regal got squashed by Big Show on Raw. 

    What does this have to do with the match Sunday? 

    Regal has always been an intense and interesting character in the WWE and isn't known to turn over and die to anyone. 

    Don't be surprised if Regal makes an appearance during the World Heavyweight Championship match in Sheamus' corner. 

2. Big Show Has Only Held the Title for Three Weeks

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    Another thing to keep in mind as you prepare for Show vs. Sheamus at Survivor Series: Show just won the title. 

    Big Show was the "first" Superstar to kick out after the Brogue Kick and landed two WMD McKnockout Punches, or whatever they're calling it now, to keep Sheamus down for the 1-2-3. That surprisingly great match happened three weeks ago at Hell in a Cell. 

    With Big Show's quest to become a monster heel, wouldn't a three-week reign seem a little strange? 

    On the other hand, wouldn't it make Sheamus look like a beast if he survived a few more WMDs and won the belt right back? 

    Just something to keep in mind. 

3. The Match Has to Be Better Than Their Last

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    Going in to the Hell in a Cell pay-per-view there weren't many people excited for Big Show vs. Sheamus. A lot of fans (including myself) thought that the feud was stale and that the match would disappoint. 

    It did not. 

    They put on one of the best matches of the pay-per-view. They went back and forth with false finish after false finish. Sheamus survived a KO punch and Big Show survived a Brogue Kick. 

    When Big Show finally got the victory, I think it's safe to say that a lot of WWE fans were impressed. 

    Now, three weeks later, these two are being called upon to do it again. Expect to see the WWE try to step it up with the two big men and attempt to steal the show again. 

4. Big Show Is Still Trying to Rebuild His Character

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    Big Show's bad guy turn has had a few months to settle with the WWE Universe, and it was hard to buy in the beginning. 

    The court jester of the WWE was all of a sudden an unstoppable monster? How could WWE fans believe it? 

    While it was a hard gimmick to believe, it's becoming much easier now. 

    Big Show is dominating big name opponents and playing the monster heel part very well. Because Big Show hasn't done anything especially "monster-like" recently, Survivor Series would be a perfect opportunity. 

    Big Show has already beat the nearly unstoppable Sheamus clean, but will he push his dastardly character even further to the dark side using underhanded tactics to win Sunday? 

    We'll have to watch and see. 

5. Big Show's Survivor Series History

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    The WWE loves history. Whether it's Undertaker's streak or a Superstar or Diva winning a big match in their hometown or place they debuted, the WWE likes to draw from the past. 

    Big Show has a lot of Survivor Series history to draw from. 

    Remember the whole Big Bossman crashing the funeral of Big Show's dad thing? That was fought over at Survivor Series in a 4-on-1 elimination match. Big Show took on Bossman, Prince Albert, Mideon and Viscera, and won. 

    Later that night Show filled in for Stone Cold in a triple-threat match against HHH and the Rock for the title and won. 

    Big Show has a lot of history at Survivor Series, which could very well factor in to the match on Sunday. 

6. Sheamus' Survivor Series History

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    Sheamus also has history at the November pay-per-view. 

    Survivor Series was the first pay-per-view that Sheamus had a part in. Sheamus made an appearance as a member of the Miz's team in a traditional Survivor Series match. 

    Sheamus had a big impact as he eliminated Finlay and pinned the opposing captain John Morrison for the win. 

    The history that these two men have at Survivor Series could very well factor in to the match on Sunday and how it's booked. 

7. Dolph Ziggler Still Has a Briefcase

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    This one is a very important thing to keep in mind while preparing for Survivor Series. Dolph Ziggler still holds the Smackdown Money in the Bank briefcase. 

    The "Show-off" has tried to cash in the briefcase on a few occasions but has never stayed conscious long enough to count. 

    During Hell in a Cell, there was a lot of speculation going around that Dolph Ziggler would cash in. Right when it was Big Show and Sheamus' turn to hit the ring, Michael Cole started talking about Ziggler, which essentially put the kabosh on him cashing in. 

    Since Hell in a Cell, there hasn't been much talk about Ziggler cashing in. 

    Survivor Series would be a great night for Ziggler to cash in. The feud between Show and Sheamus hasn't been the most exciting. Ziggler cashing in would be a great way to end the feud. 

    Sheamus has been growing more serious every week. Imagine if Show pulls off another victory over Sheamus. Maybe the Celtic Warrior will be pushed over the edge and he'll deliver a Brogue Kick on Show, incapacitating him for a Ziggler cash in. 

    Another reason that this is a great opportunity for a cash in is Ziggler's match earlier in the night. Ziggler will be captaining his own Survivor Series team. The briefcase is a great opportunity for Ziggler to lose but stay relevant if he cashes in for the World Heavyweight Championship later that night. 

8. The Status of Sheamus

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    Another important thing to know in the World Heavyweight Championship match on Sunday is who Sheamus is. 

    Ever since Sheamus burst onto the scene, he's had a huge supporter in HHH. H has always been a fan of Sheamus, which means that Sheamus could win on any given night. 

    While it may seem silly for Big Show to lose the belt again after holding it for just three weeks, if HHH is supporting another Sheamus push, we could see the Celtic Warrior get the victory at Survivor Series. 

9. Big Show's Recent History with the Title

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    When looking at this matchup for Sunday, one can't forget Big Show's last title reign. The last time Big Show won the World Heavyweight Championship, he barely got to celebrate. He was beat down by Mark Henry, whom he had just beat, and was pinned by Daniel Bryan, who cashed in his Money in the Bank briefcase.

    Now, in a similar situation, we could see Big Show cashed in on again. 

    While it may seem like a dig on the Big Show to give him the belt and take it away three weeks later, it could do wonders for his monster gimmick. He could snap and start destroying people even more until he gets the belt back. 

    Big Show's current title reign is already much longer than his last, but how much longer will it last? We'll find out at Survivor Series.

10. Competiton with WWE Title Match

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    The final thing readers should know about this match is simple. It has to be good. At Hell in a Cell the World Heavyweight Championship's competition was an unusual WWE Title match. 

    The WWE Title was up for grabs between CM Punk and newcomer Ryback, who was (and still is) unproven in a big singles match. There wasn't much for expectations for Punk vs. Ryback, seeing as it was in a Cell, and no one was sure of Ryback's motor. 

    Big Show and Sheamus were able to steal the show at Hell in a Cell. At Survivor Series, however, it won't be that easy. 

    Now the World Heavyweight Championship match has to compete with Punk vs. Ryback vs. Cena. Adding WWE's posterboy to the mix makes the WWE Championship match much more interesting and exciting. 

    Because of this, the World Heavyweight Championship match will have to bring something special to the table. Vince and the WWE won't want the fans to forget about the World Heavyweight Champ, so something big will have to go down.