The Best Free Agency Ever?

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The Best Free Agency Ever?

First off, no, I am not insane (for all that I know). But I am serious about this. This may be one of the best free agencies ever in the NFL, for quick fixes. What, you thought I was talking about the best overall free agency? No, I am strictly talking about the fact that this free agency has veterans galore.

This free agency has become a gold mine for those teams that need patches. I mean, if you would build a team just out of the free agents, they could probably compete to a certain level. Right? Well maybe? No, but you get my point.

So what does all of this mean? Well, if your team needs to either develop a young talent or if your team is in need of a non-crappy player, this is your draft. For example, there are two wide receivers in free agency right now who are first ballot Hall of Famers.

I am talking about Torry Holt and Marvin Harrison. I am guaranteeing you that there is no team in the NFL whose slot receivers are of the same caliber as these two. Yet they are still on the market—what is up with that?

This free agency is basically a used car lot. You check their mileage and you see if they will do what you want. I think the free agency dealer would sound like this:

Maybe your team is fine at wide receiver; well, there are plenty of defensive players. If the secondary is your need, well, we have you covered. There are corners and safeties of all sorts. We have two safeties that will hit you like a train yet couldn't cover a full back with a broken leg (Roy Williams and Lawyer Milloy). We have corners that used to be Pro Bowlers (Chris McAllister and Ken Lucas).

Wow. That was scary accurate; I think I will stop that. 

How can you not love this free agency?

Quick Side Note: Wouldn't it have been great to see last year's Raiders and Browns on this market? Man, there would have been some stupid money thrown around. 

Anyway, back to the point. This free agency has plenty of aged stars who can still produce to an extent. Yes, all of their numbers have fallen off significantly, but they still have the wits to be effective.

So if you want your team to look like they will win games, then this is the free agency for you*. Remember, it may not be the best free agency, but for a quick tuneup, it is pretty darn good. 

*Warning: signing a significant amount of free agents in one offseason has never actually produced a quality season. 

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