The Hip Hop Dance Experience and NFL Stars Inspire Charity Through Competition

Tim CurrieContributor IIINovember 12, 2012

Chris McGrath/Getty Images
Chris McGrath/Getty Images

In the past few weeks we’ve seen three of the NFL’s brightest young stars team up with The Hip Hop Dance Experience to promote charity through on-field celebration dances.  Now it’s time for the fans to join in the action by voting for the player with the best moves.

Michael Crabtree joined Von Miller and LeSean McCoy this past Sunday when he caught a 14-yard touchdown pass and busted out his new Hip Hop inspired celebration dance. 

All three players have had major roles in their teams’ efforts on the field this year.  Now, that competitive spirit is being transferred to a Twitter vote battle.  From the Ubisoft press release

Ubisoft, the makers of the Hip Hop Dance Experience, have been working with some superstar NFL players to re-invent their endzone dances with some Hip Hop flair…Now it’s time for these players to battle it out in the Ultimate Hip Hop Dance Throwdown. Vote for your favorite player now by tweeting out who you think should win! The player with the most votes will win an extra $10,000 donation to their charity on behalf of The Hip Hop Dance Experience.  

McCoy and Miller have been anchoring their team’s respective offenses and defenses, and Crabtree has been coming up huge with three touchdowns in the 49ers' last two games, but that’s all out the window when it comes to all-mighty dance moves. 

Check out the video below to catch the players' latest plug for your vote!