Happy St. A-Rod's Day!

Marisol RussellContributor IMarch 17, 2009

Our dear A-Rod is the cover boy for this month's Details magazine. Inside, there is a photo spread that includes more pictures of Alex loving himself through a mirror...Oh Alex, when will you stop the insanity? You are not doing yourself any favors baby.

Case in point: There is a gay stylist in my salon right now showing the rest of the staff the NY POST and telling them you came out of the closet and that's why you were hanging out with Madonna.

For a man who has eight or so people to tell him what to do in life on payroll, I would think photos like this would be avoided. If you were a little more nude however, then I wouldn't mind so much...

In the accompanying interview, it's said that Alex revealed his favorite Madonna song, but two weeks later contacted the magazine pleading for them not to release the song title. He didn't want opposing teams blasting it in their clubhouses. This leads us to our new poll question...

What Madonna song do you think A-Rod said was his favorite? Vote to the left, bitches...

Happy St. Patrick's Day!!!