Anderson Silva Says He Won't Challenge GSP in Montreal

Jordy McElroyCorrespondent INovember 12, 2012

Anderson Silva - MMAFighting
Anderson Silva - MMAFighting

Despite hints from UFC President Dana White, Anderson Silva will not challenge Georges St-Pierre, if he beats Carlos Condit at UFC 154.

Silva is expected to attend this weekend's pay-per-view event held in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, which has led to rumors of him possibly entering the cage and challenging UFC welterweight champ St-Pierre.

People have talked about a Silva and St-Pierre matchup for years, but recently, the super fight has started to gain ground. White has even gone as far as to hint at the fight being on-deck, depending on the outcome of St-Pierre's title bout with Condit.

Unfortunately, St-Pierre hasn't really shown much interest in going up in weight for the super fight.

While Silva eagerly anticipates an eventual showdown with St-Pierre, he admits that openly challenging someone isn't in his character.

His business in Canada goes beyond a proposed super fight. As he told Tatame during a promotional event in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil:

I'm going to Los Angeles, and then I'm going to Canada for the fight of St-Pierre, and then I'm already there to shoot a movie, a feature film that me and Lyoto [Machida] will participate in. It's an action movie.

It's not my character to up and challenge anyone. I don't think it will happen. I think not. I'm sure.

Without an open challenge from Silva, the super fight may never come to fruition.

The continued growth of the welterweight division has given St-Pierre a reason to stay at 170-pounds. It's highly unlikely he'll challenge Silva, who would enter the bout with a significant size advantage.

It doesn't take a rocket scientist to see St-Pierre isn't interested in going up in weight, and Silva should be commended for not forcing the issue. Still, there is always the possibility Silva changes his mind and challenges St-Pierre after the fight.

If publicly challenged by Silva, would St-Pierre accept or politely decline a catch weight bout?