3 Reasons Jerry Jones Should Step Down as the Cowboys GM

Saakib ZafraniCorrespondent IINovember 12, 2012

3 Reasons Jerry Jones Should Step Down as the Cowboys GM

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    Over the years, it's become increasingly easier for fans to ask for Jerry Jones to step down from his general management duties of the Cowboys

    The burden to win falls on the players, then travels up the food chain with each passing season. Quarterbacks get changed, coaches get made and owners seek new management. 

    In the case of the Cowboys, the owner and GM are one in the same. Jerry Jones was simply too successful too early on, and now it's all gone to his head.

    You can't tell him he's doing wrong. He can't hear your plea over three Super Bowl rings and the successful firing of one of the greatest coaches of all time. 

    He can't see you past the $140 million he spent on buying the team in 1989, now worth more than $2 billion. 

    To that end, there literally has not been a more successful owner/GM combination in professional sports history, and thus it's unlikely for a businessman like Jones to step down. 

    Still, the burden to win has matriculated its way up the food chain, and now it's Jerry's turn to answer the tough questions.

    Perhaps it is time for the 70-year-old to take a step back and watch his beloved team from a distance. At least he's got a really big television.

Lost Eye for Talent

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    This is a recent development, as Jerry Jones' eye for talent has always been good. His recent choices, however, have been mind-numbing at best. 

    Roy Williams. I won't waste time explaining this one. Suffice to say, he overpaid big time, and Williams actually ended up costing the Cowboys a couple games single-handedly. 

    Drafting Dez Bryant, which seemed like a way for Jones to make up for not drafting Randy Moss all those years ago, has blown up in his face so far.

    I suppose Bryant has all the talent in the world, but he's not too sharp between the ears, at least in football knowledge, as he goes out of his way to prove on almost a weekly basis.

    Re-signing Marion Barber after his best days were behind him was another ill-fated move.

    In the first round of the 2008 draft, the Cowboys selected Felix Jones and Mike Jenkins.

    Some running backs that went after Felix in that draft include Matt Forte, Ray Rice, Jamaal Charles, Rashard Mendenhall and Chris Johnson. 

    Mike Jenkins has proven to be a veritable bum and another head case in a long list lately. 

    Jerry just doesn't have it anymore, folks. 

Scared Off Head Coaches

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    There's a reason the Cowboys have resorted to hiring their offensive coordinator, Jason Garrett, as their most recent head coach. 

    One has to wonder how many coaches turned down the Cowboys or declined to interview for Garrett to get the job. Perhaps Garrett was the best candidate interviewed, but now he seems like he's going to end up on a long list of coordinators that just weren't ready for the head job. 

    More than likely, Jones saw a guy he knew well and someone he could keep his thumb on in Garrett, and so he hired him. 

    He couldn't "get along" with Jimmy Johnson, the man who had won him back-to-back Super Bowls. He couldn't get along with Bill Parcells, who is still largely responsible for what little "success" the Cowboys have been able to achieve since he left. 

    Jones let Sean Payton go to New Orleans. That's worked out really nicely for them since, despite recent developments. 

    What the Cowboys need is a coach with a fiery personality who isn't afraid to get in players' faces and reduce them to a mere part of the whole. They need a guy who will stand up to Jones on occasion, but none of those guys out there want anything to do with Jerry. 

    Sure, he'll try and throw money at the problem, as he often does, but unfortunately the number of candidates decreases each and every time he opens his mouth. 

In Too Deep

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    The old saying is "if you love something, you have to let it go."

    Let it go, Jerry. 

    Anyone who questions for one second Jerry Jones' love for the Dallas Cowboys, can show himself the door, as that person has no place in this discussion. 

    The only way Jones ever steps down is if someone can prove to him that someone else is more qualified and can do a better job. 

    It's very difficult to find someone with the qualifications and resumé that Jones has, but it's been time to do so for near a decade now. 

    To his credit, he hasn't been an owner that's simply sat back as an investor and let others handle his business. Jones has created one of the biggest and most profitable sports franchises in the entire world, and he's done it in less than 25 years. 

    It's hard for a man to let go of something he's built that has been so successful. 

    The easiest thing for Jones to do is hand off the reigns to his sons and daughter. All three of them work in the Cowboys front office, and maybe keeping it in the Jones family might be the only way Jerry ever lets go. 

    All that said, the Cowboys are now currently 4-5 and only 1.5 games behind the Giants. Ironically, the last thing Cowboys fans need is to sneak into the playoffs if they want Jerry Jones to go anytime soon. 

    Don't get me wrong, the playoffs are fantastic, but it's just going to be another thing that goes to Jones' head.