Golden State Warriors: 3 Reasons They're Not Mishandling Andrew Bogut Situation

Eric EdelmanCorrespondent INovember 12, 2012

Golden State Warriors: 3 Reasons They're Not Mishandling Andrew Bogut Situation

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    After sitting out all of last season after being traded to the Golden State Warriors, fans are looking forward to seeing Bogut playing consistent minutes in a Dubs uniform. 

    Bogut finally got some playing time this season, but recently he’s been shut down for a few games as a precaution. Although this concern seems a bit excessive, Mark Jackson and his staff are handling the situation perfectly for several reasons.

It's Still Early

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    It’s still incredibly early in the NBA season. The Warriors are a game below .500, despite two disappointing losses, and are still in the fight in the Western Conference. Sure, their expectations should be higher this season, but there’s absolutely no reason they should rush Bogut this early in the year.

    It would certainly be a fair argument to say that Bogut and the team will need time to gel, but it’s a long season, and having him sit out a week or so will do little to harm team chemistry. 

Big Man Injuries Shouldn't Be Downplayed

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    In the history of the NBA, many big men saw their careers cut short by injuries. Bill Walton, Sam Bowie, Yao Ming and 2007 No. 1 overall pick Greg Oden were all talented big men whose ability was severely hampered by injury woes. Unless the Warriors want to add another name to the list, they would be wise to continue their current course of action.

    Considering Bogut's past history, Jackson is doing the right thing by limiting his playing time for now.

    As it stands prior to this recent shutdown, Bogut was playing with a cap of about 20 minutes per game. In the long term of Bogut’s career, there is no need to rush things—especially if it concerns an injury-prone center. 

Bogut's Value to the Warriors

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    By adding a legit center like Bogut, Golden State finally has a piece that could propel them to the next level.

    Bogut has averaged 13 points, nine rebounds  and nearly two blocks per game during his career. He has the potential to put up some big-time numbers for the Warriors, and preserving him shows they're aware of the incredible upside he brings to their team.

    The Warriors should finally be thinking playoffs instead of another year of rebuilding. In a season where the West is up for grabs, a healthy Bogut could help the Golden State sneak in as a possible eighth seed.

    Bogut in many ways represents hope for a franchise sick of losing and sick of false promises. For Bay Area fans, Bogut can finally help the Warriors put together a solid season—something they haven't seen for quite some time.