7 Things We Learned About the Miami Heat After Week 2

Joshua Carroll@JoshmaniiiCorrespondent IINovember 13, 2012

7 Things We Learned About the Miami Heat After Week 2

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    The Miami Heat now boast a record of 6-2 after defeating James Harden and the Houston Rockets in a game that came down to the wire.

    It was LeBron James who carried Miami all week, consistently putting up big numbers and going up against each team's best as they attempted to down the defending champs.

    Every team in the NBA looks to improve throughout the year.

    While the Heat are still figuring out exactly how to incorporate the new guys—Ray Allen and Rashard Lewis—they continue to look like one of the best teams in the league, but they are far from flawless.

Hot Shooting Can Beat the Heat

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    Wayne Ellington came off the bench for Memphis and knocked down half of the Grizzlies' 14 three-point field-goals.

    The Heat, deemed one of the better defensive teams in the league, usually defend the perimeter very well. But their rotations have been a little slow thus far, allowing teams to get too comfortable from beyond the arc.

    This not only resulted in a big-time loss against the Grizzlies but also allowed the Houston Rockets to almost come back and beat them after being down 20-plus points.

    If there's anything that can beat the Heat, it's penetration and great shooting from downtown, a formula many teams will surely try and replicate against Miami moving forward.

LeBron Is on Pace for Another MVP Season

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    There's nobody in the league playing better basketball than LeBron James.

    In his most recent game, he finished with 38 points, six assists and 10 rebounds and has been flirting with a triple-double in his last four games.

    The way he's playing looks nearly effortless as he refuses to settle for anything less than the best shot available for either him or one of his teammates.

    Recently named Eastern Conference player of the year, James is on pace for yet another MVP season. The King is on track to finish as one of the most decorated players in NBA history, but as always, it will come down to the postseason.

    Nevertheless, you can't knock his regular season campaign thus far.

LeBron Can Finish

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    In the past week, LeBron has hit two clutch shots in the fourth quarter to give his team the victory.

    First, it was the jump shot against the Atlanta Hawks, and just last night he drove hard to the bucket to put the Heat ahead with less than a minute on the clock against the Rockets.

    The confidence James is playing with is something we've never really seen before, and when James is playing this freely, he's scary good, especially in the clutch where he's now seemingly unfazed.

    Of course, the pressure heightens in the playoffs. But if James continues to hit big shot after big shot, he won't have too many critics left out there come playoff time. 

Bosh Has Quietly Been the Unsung Hero

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    Scoring over 20 points in the Heat's last three games, Bosh has quietly been Miami's unsung hero.

    You don't have to look any farther back than the Heat's last game where Wade missed two clutch free-throws as Miami tried to put the game out of reach. But who was there to grab the rebound? Bosh, of course.

    The only member of the Big 3 to have a 40-point game this season, he's also being asked to do more on the defensive end and doing a very good job of bolstering the Heat's impressive defense.

    On offense he continues to stretch the floor for Wade and James and remains the perfect complement for this team.

    Bosh keeps this up and he will definitely find himself in the All-Star Game this year.

Wade Is Struggling but Continues to Look Healthy

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    I've got some good news and bad news here for Heat fans. 

    The good news is that Wade continues to look very healthy for Miami. He's springing off the ground like it's '06, and his defense has been impressive, as always.

    However, Wade has been struggling from the field this week after missing a game earlier in the week due to feeling sick.

    Nevertheless, if I'm a Heat fan, I gladly take these results.

    Wade is not playing his basketball, yet the Heat are still winning, he's still happy and more importantly, he's still healthy. 

    Nothing to concern yourself about this early in the season.

Rashard Lewis Impresses

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    Rashard Lewis has been the surprise for the Heat this year.

    He has emerged as a very reliable scoring option off the bench and has earned himself more and more minutes with his consistent play.

    Granted, this past week he did not put up the best numbers, but it's easy to see the effect he has when one watches Heat games.

    Lewis keeps defenses honest with his ability to shoot the 3 and never tries to do too much on offense. He's just another one of those guys who knows his role and plays it well. 

This Is LeBron's Team

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    Not that this should be a big deal, but this is clearly now LeBron's team. 

    He's the team's leader, finisher and spokesman, which makes sense being that he's arguably the best player in the league.

    James has taken the reins of this team and is guiding it in the right direction—preaching no days off and defense, defense, defense. 

    He's a leader who leads not only with his words but also by example. 

    Thus far, the Heat can ask for nothing more from King James, but he will continue to try and give them just that.