15 Professional Athletes Who Are Best Fit for Hollywood

Matt SchreiberAnalyst IIINovember 12, 2012

15 Professional Athletes Who Are Best Fit for Hollywood

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    We have seen plenty of professional athletes make guest appearances on popular television shows such as "Law and Order: Special Victims Unit." We have also seen athletes with roles in movies such as Michael Jordan in "Space Jam."

    Aside from biography films, we haven't seen many athletes star in movies consistently.

    Here we will take a look at 15 current professional athletes who could potentially shine in Hollywood.

15. Gilbert Arenas: PG / Free Agent

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    Once called Agent Zero, it seems as if the former-star point guard for the Washington Wizards career in the NBA is coming to an end.

    We have seen it all with him. The gun incident, his hibachi commercials and the comedic act he puts on in interviews. Gilbert Arenas would make a great lead character in any comedy movie.

14. Anderson Varejao: C / Cleveland Cavaliers

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    The hair already makes him eligible for a role in a movie. Factor in that he was voted the best flopper in the NBA by the players in a Sports Illustrated poll, and he's automatically suited for the spotlight.

    Good flopping equals good acting. I can already see it: "Snakes on a Plane 2" starring Anderson Varejao.

13. Paul Pierce: SG / Boston Celtics

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    Paul Pierce is also known to be a terrific flopper in the NBA. The guy's swagger could lead him right into a role in an action movie. Paul Pierce doesn't mess around. He can always keep a straight face.

    Maybe Hollywood can place him in another version of "Casino Royal."

12. Ian Poulter: Professional Golfer

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    Ian Poulter is said to be the funniest golfer and most fun to play with on the PGA Tour by his fellow golf-mates. 

    His British accent would make great for a movie featuring him and Russell Brand. I would certainly go and see it. 

11. Manu Ginobili: SG / San Antonio Spurs

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    Have you ever watched this guy play basketball? I am assuming you have. Half the time he is in the game, he turns love tap from a defender into a big hit by a linebacker.

    He seems to get away with it often as well.

    I also love his accent. Throw him in there with Russell Brand and Ian Poulter.

10. Steve Nash: PG / Los Angeles Lakers

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    If the commercial in the video were Nash's audition tape, he would probably get accepted to Hollywood right away. Not to mention, he lives there.

    You have got to love watching Nash flop and mess around with refs on the court. It is only a matter of time before Hollywood gives him a ring.

9. Logan Morrison: LF / Miami Marlins

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    Logan Morrison is a hit on twitter. He was a hit on "The Franchise" before the show was taken off the air this year.

    Morrison is one of the funniest players in baseball and would make an excellent actor.

    Just check out some of his tweets courtesy of favstar.

8. Paul Bissonnette: W / Phoenix Coyotes

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    Paul Bissonnette is the Twitter god for the NHL. Just about every NHL player is following him. Everyone loves the comedic act that he puts on. Not to mention, he has already proved he is a fan favorite.

    Since his hockey skills aren't being put to use right now, he could turn to Hollywood for other employment. I would love to see him fight Jackie Chan.

    Who knows, maybe he will stay there full time.

7. Chad Johnson: WR / Free Agent

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    Don't Chad Johnson's touchdown celebrations and pre-game comedy acts set him as a lock for Hollywood? I mean, he has already played a role in the "American Pie: Reunion" movie.

    I think it's time for James Cameron or the writer's of "Old School" to get this guy his own movie. 

    I can't imagine how much the movie would gross on opening night.

6. LeBron James: PF / Miami Heat

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    LeBron James is known to be one of the best floppers in the NBA. To flop, you have to have some good acting skills. Not to mention, we know the guy is funny and would make a great superhero.

    Wouldn't it be funny to see LeBron as the Incredible Hulk?

5. Jared Allen: DE / Minnesota Vikings

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    Couldn't you see him play "The Dude" in a remake of "The Big Lebowski?" I certainly can.

    Jared Allen's raw sense of humor makes him a great fit for the spotlight. Get him out to Hollywood.

4. Dwight Howard: C / Los Angeles Lakers

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    Maybe Howard can play Clark Kent in the next "Superman" film. After all, he is Superman. He does a great job in this commercial and you rarely see him without a smile on his face. 

    Yes, in the offseason and while he was with the Magic he wasn't happy, but he would undoubtedly make a great actor in Hollywood.

3. Mike Commodore: DEF / Free Agent

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    Like Bissonnette, Mike Commodore is also a Twitter legend. He likes to post pictures of himself on Facebook with no shirt on, covered in money.

    Maybe he can play Gordon Gecko in another Wall Street movie. The guy is hilarious, there is no doubt about that.

2. Troy Polamalu: SS / Pittsburgh Steelers

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    You have got to love all of this guy's Head and Shoulders commercials. Not to mention his beautiful hairstyle. 

    We have already seen his acting talents in the commercials and the comedy he is able to portray. I'd love to see him play a lead role in any film in Hollywood.

1. Peyton Manning: QB / Denver Broncos

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    "Cut that meat! Cut that meat!"

    Remember all of Peyton Manning's MasterCard commercials back in the day? Of course you do!

    Sure he still has some fuel left in the tank, but Manning would make an excellent actor in Hollywood. 

    "Wait 'til you see what's next!"

Honorable Mentions

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    Dennis Rodman and Terrell Owens

    Both of these guys are crazy and out of their minds. Hollywood could thrive off of them. They both would have made the cut if it weren't for the fact that most people are sick of their acts.