Will Michael Vick Regain Starting Job from Nick Foles After Concussion?

Brandon AlisogluCorrespondent INovember 11, 2012

Lost in all the talk about benching Michael Vick was the idea that Nick Foles would get his chance in a much more organic matter. 

Based on the way Vick plays, it was only a matter of time before he got hurt. 

#Eagles QB Michael Vick is OUT with a concussion and WR Jason Avant is DOUBTFUL with a hamstring injury. #DALvsPHI

Philadelphia Eagles (@Eagles) November 11, 2012

Foles was trotted out to lead the offense, and looked confident in doing so. He threw a flare to LeSean McCoy that picked up a few yards and then drilled a perfect pass to Jason Avant. The only problem was that Avant hurt his hamstring on the play and the throw hit him in the head.

Foles led two scoring drives in the third quarter, which will probably prompt fans to scream for him to remain the starter regardless of Vick's health. Well, until he throws a few picks. 

However, the main reason the Eagles enjoyed success on those drives was their renewed interest in the run game. Where was that attitude with Vick under center? Additionally, Foles' touchdown pass looked more like a punt than a well-placed pass.

The interception wasn't particularly Foles's fault, but it wasn't an accurate throw either. Frankly, the kid isn't ready to be a winning NFL quarterback just yet, though he did show some promise for the future.

If the Eagles plan on doing much this year, they have to remember that Foles is a rookie. He made a play that many of us have made in Madden where you just blindly throw it out to the back without noticing the defender standing there.

Yet, if Philly is content to throw in the towel, they might as well hand the reins over to Foles. Vick isn't going to be around after this year and the only real concern would be Foles getting injured behind the leaky offensive line.

After getting thrashed by the Dallas Cowboys, looking to the future might be the Eagles' best bet.