New York Jets: The Five Worst Performances of Tonight's Game

Will AgathisCorrespondent IINovember 11, 2012

It's nice that Getty Images has a nice picture of Kyle Wilson's 3rd-degree burn
It's nice that Getty Images has a nice picture of Kyle Wilson's 3rd-degree burnKevin Casey/Getty Images

Tonight's game against the Seattle Seahawks has been one of the uglier performances by the Jets. On defense, they've been extremely tight, aside from a couple of big plays, but their offense and special teams have been abysmal. Let's take a look at the five worst players from tonight's game:


1. Kyle Wilson

Allowing that big score to Golden Tate was completely unacceptable. Mike Tannenbaum and Rex Ryan alike should have been fuming because they seem to have wasted a draft choice. 

Being burnt like that shows the Jets that they really did make a mistake with the Wilson pick. Through the entire game he has constantly been burnt, despite playing across from All-World cornerback Antonio Cromartie. 

Kyle WIlson can not keep up with decent receivers, let alone good receivers. For somebody who was supposed to be a shutdown cornerback, he has been embarrassing.


2. Dustin Keller

He has been an absolute embarrassment. He's been the opposite of reliable this game. Two False Start penalties, the cause of an interception and a dropped pass show how worthless Dustin Keller has been this game, and he's not blocking well either.

In a contract year, it's nice to see a lack of production, as he may be willing to sign with the Jets on the cheap side and even with bad games like this, he's still Sanchez's favorite target.


3. Austin Howard

Nobody on the line has been as putrid as he; he's been the only fault on an otherwise impressive pass blocking line this game.

This is a position that I see finally being addressed this offseason, whether it's through the draft or free agency.


4. Jeremy Kerley as a Punt Returner 

He has been incredibly underwhelming since the Week 1 punt return touchdown. This is his second muffed punt in the past few games, and it really makes one wonder why he's on the field on special teams.

When Joe McKnight returns, he should be placed at kick returner and punt returner, it's painful seeing J. Kerley there.


5. Tony Sparano

4th and 1 and you run it with Shonn Greene? Seattle stacked the box, there's no reason why Tebow should have been on the sideline. Running the exact same passing play four times? If you want to give Tebow some trust, then he should be given the keys to the offense. Keep him on the field for a drive, so everybody can see who the starter should truly be.

His offense has only scored one offensive touchdown since the fourth quarter of the New England game in Week 7. 


So what do you guys think? After a game like this, it's nice to pinpoint the bulk of the blame on a couple of players. Thanks for reading!