Formula One of the Skies: The Red Bull Air Race, Part 1

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Formula One of the Skies: The Red Bull Air Race, Part 1

While not steeped in as much history as Formula One, the Red Bull Air Race is definitely something to keep an eye on if you like to watch man and machine in action.

The Red Bull Air Race began in 2003 with only two events in Austria and Hungary. Its main aim was to determine the best pilot using lightweight craft in a low-altitude racetrack.

As well as having to run through the track in the fastest time, one also has to abide by the rules as well, or that person will receive a time penalty or disqualification.

Time penalties are received by either incorrectly passing the gates, flying too high (three second time penalty), or hitting the gates (10 second time penalty).

Disqualifications are received mainly due to unsafe flying, which could mean that the pilot's altitude is too low or he is flying over the crowd line, etc.

Overall, it's a simple sport to understand in terms of the rules. And it's easy to keep track of, too.

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