10 Greatest Moments of LFL Canada Season

Mark StaffieriContributor IINovember 23, 2012

10 Greatest Moments of LFL Canada Season

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    In the inaugural season of LFL Canada, every franchise could boast its own feel-good story. Despite finishing 1-3, the Triumph brought an end to a seven-game losing streak (dating back to their play in the 2011 LFL USA season).

    The Saskatoon Sirens and Regina Rage have emerged as the signature rivalry in LFL Canada. Both franchises provided many memorable moments during the season. The Saskatchewan Bowl Series promises to be just as intense in the upcoming seasons.

    For the BC Angels, their season began and ended in Abbotsford, BC. The first contest in LFL Canada history was contested in Abbotsford, as the Angels defeated the Regina Rage by a 44-18 score. By season’s end, a vastly improved Rage squad nearly qualified for Lingerie Bowl Canada I, which was hosted in Abbotsford, BC.

    Although the Angels would play the other franchise from Saskatchewan, the Saskatoon Sirens, the true highlight of the season was the tremendous support shown by the fans.

10. Regina Rage Ends Saskatoon’s Undefeated Season

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    In the first game of the Saskatchewan Bowl series, the Sirens were hoping to extend their undefeated season and clinch an automatic berth in Lingerie Bowl Canada I. Led by the remarkable combination of Furrler (Anne Erler and Heather “Rockstar” Furr), the two had been key factors in the wins over the BC Angels and Toronto Triumph.

    Despite being on the road, the Regina Rage had other plans. A see-saw struggle would endure, which saw the lead change many times. Kylie Rossler would emerge as a key factor  in the contest, as she provided more than 80 yards rushing in a huge upset.

9. Furrler Rolls on in Win over Toronto

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    As the Toronto Triumph came off a 2011 LFL U.S. season that saw them endure an 0-4 record, the Triumph were hoping to turn the page with their first win in history. With their home opener versus the Saskatoon Sirens, the Triumph were overwhelmed by the presence of Furrler.

8. Petshauna Pinnock Emerges as a Star for Toronto

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    The Abbotsford Sports and Entertainment Centre played host to LFL Canada’s largest crowd to date when the 1-1 BC Angels hosted the 0-2 Toronto Triumph. Although the Triumph would find themselves on the losing end of the contest, the bright light was the emergence of Petshauna Pinnock as an offensive weapon.

    In two tough losses to the Saskatoon Sirens and BC Angels, Pinnock quickly established herself as a force to be reckoned with for the Toronto Triumph. In the first half of a 31-27 loss to BC, Pinnock logged 49 yards in the first half on only three carries. One of those carries included a 35-yard touchdown run.

7. Stephanie Manou Logs First Touchdown in LFL Canada History

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    An August 31 contest versus the Regina Rage set the stage for the first ever contest in LFL Canada history. The fans in Abbotsford, British Columbia quickly learned of how prolific Stephanie Manou was.

    With 1:53 left in the opening quarter, Manou completed a three-yard touchdown run for the first ever score in LFL Canada history. Manou would finish the game with three touchdown runs and was named co-MVP of the game.

6. Manou Runs for 100 Yards in Defeat over Triumph

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    The LFL Canada rushing champion, Stephanie Manou had one of her finest performances versus the Triumph.

    In rebounding from a difficult loss to the Saskatoon Sirens, the Angels found themselves against a desperate Toronto Triumph squad that had been winless all season. In the first half, Manou ran for 65 yards on nine carries with two touchdowns. The second half saw Manou run 21 yards for a third touchdown score as the Angels defeated the beleaguered Triumph squad by a 31-27 score.

5. Saskatoon Defeats Regina to Claim Berth in Lingerie Bowl Canada I

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    After a difficult loss to Regina in the first game of the Saskatchewan Bowl series, the Sirens had to win their match in order to qualify for Lingerie Bowl Canada I. The October 21st contest found the Sirens playing in enemy territory, as the pumped up Regina fans were hoping the Rage could keep their Lingerie Bowl Canada hopes alive.

    Despite a valiant effort by Regina, the Sirens displayed great determination, as they came from behind and held on for the win by a 35-33 nail-biting mark. The win was equally important because it meant Saskatoon earned a birth in Lingerie Bowl Canada I. Facing a tough and hostile crowd on the road in Regina, the Sirens emerged with a hard-fought win.

4. Toronto Triumph Claim First Franchise Win

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    Wanting to shed their image as a losing team, the final game of the season was a defining moment for the Triumph. Facing a BC Angels team that was looking to enter Lingerie Bowl Canada I on a high note, the Triumph had other plans.

    The Triumph defense was the story of this contest. Mary Anne Hanson would find herself sacked twice, while Stephanie Manou was held to less than 50 rushing yards.

3. Saskatoon Upsets BC as Furrler Is Born

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    After a 44-18 defeat of the Regina Rage, the BC Angels were heavy favorites versus the Saskatoon Sirens. Heading into the season, the Angels had a No. 1 preseason ranking, while the Sirens were ranked fourth.

    At halftime, Saskatoon had a 16-6 lead. The second half saw the Sirens start with a five-play, 40-yard drive that resulted in a Tamar Fennell touchdown. While Christine Moore and Jessica Hopkins scored touchdowns in a late surge, Anne Erler led a sparkling eight-play, 31-yard drive which ate up time on the clock to preserve a 22-18 upset.

    With many inconsistencies at the quarterback position for British Columbia, their running game was overwhelmed by the Sirens' punishing defense. An injury to Stevi Schnoor added to the Angels' woes.

2. BC Wins First Match in LFL Canada History

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    The opening match of the inaugural LFL Canada season saw the BC Angels host the Regina Rage. While the Rage had Las Vegas Sin player Nikki Johnson at quarterback, and Lingerie Bowl champion Tessa Barrera from the Los Angeles Temptation on defense, the duo was not enough on this night.  

    Stephanie Manou established herself as a star with a remarkable performance. Her three-yard run with 1:53 left in the first quarter was the first touchdown in LFL Canada history. Although Nikki Johnson (who called her own plays) scored the first touchdown in Regina Rage history to even the score at six apiece, BC fought back.

    Mary-Anne Hanson threw the first touchdown pass in LFL Canada history, with Aleesa Garcia on the receiving end. With another touchdown by Manou, BC enjoyed a 22-6 lead. Whitney Meierotto caught a 40-yard bomb from Johnson for the first receiving touchdown in Rage history, leading to a 22-12 score at halftime.

    The second half would see Hanson throw for two more touchdown scores, while Manou ran for her third touchdown of the contest. Although Meierotto would score another touchdown, the Angels emerged as 44-18 winners in the first LFL Canada contest.

1. Lingerie Bowl Canada I

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    A rematch of the Sirens' 22-18 upset over the BC Angels, the setting for Lingerie Bowl Canada I was one of epic proportions. Led by the dynamic duo of Furrler (Anne Erler and Heather Furr), the Sirens wanted to prove that they were not worthy of their preseason No. 4 ranking.

    With the contest being held in Abbotsford, British Columbia, the BC Angels did not let down the hometown crowd. The Angels' defense rose to the occasion, as the Angels avenged their regular-season loss to the Sirens with an emotional 25-12 championship triumph.