5 Things to Do When Your Team Is on a Bye Week

Tyler Brooke@TylerDBrookeSenior Analyst IINovember 11, 2012

5 Things to Do When Your Team Is on a Bye Week

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    This Sunday marks my least favorite week of the NFL season.

    The Packers' bye week.

    Every year, I dread the week where I do not get to watch my favorite team play.  I sit there pondering what to do, and if it is even worth watching football at all.  I could make the day a productive one, or just sit around and sleep.

    Each year, I wish someone had a guide of what to do when my team isn't playing.  So I decided to make one.

    Here are five things you could do to get through your favorite team's bye week.

5. Sleep in

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    Waking up before noon is overrated.  What's the point in waking up before Fox NFL Sunday?  

    There isn't one.

    Go ahead and get some beauty rest.  You know that you need it.  Your team is probably catching up on some sleep too.  Either that, or they are bench-pressing the equivalent weight of you on a bed. Just go ahead and assume that they are doing the former.

    If your team stinks, maybe you will have a rather pleasant dream about them winning a game, or even making the playoffs!  Make that dream last a little longer, and keep sleeping.

4. Root Against That Team You Hate

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    If you still decide that it will be worth your time to watch some football, find that team that you really hate and root against them!

    Since the Packers aren't playing today, I have decided that it will be a good idea to watch the Bears game tonight against the Texans.  

    What the next best thing to watching the Packers win?  Watching the Bears lose.

    Face it.  You want to see Jay Cutler get rocked like he did against the Lions on Monday Night Football.  You really want to watch him throw an interception or four.  It will be almost as sweet as seeing Clay Matthews take his head off.


3. Go Outside

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    I know this sounds frightening to many football fans, but don't worry!  It turns out there are actually things you can do on Sunday that don't involve football.

    Here's a list of some things I learned you can do when you go outside on Sundays.

    • Exercise
    • Run errands
    • Attend church
    • Take your kids to the park
    • And more!

    It may take a while for you to build up the courage to go outside, so take baby steps.  You can start by opening up your blinds.  Next, you can open your window.  Once you've built up the strength, go ahead and try to get out into the world.

2. Watch a Different Sport

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    While this idea may sound blasphemous, it's an option if you are clearly too depressed to watch football.

    If you live in an area where there is an NBA team, you could see how they are doing at this point in the season.  If they are looking good, maybe you could even watch the game.  If they are on the same level as, for example, the Bobcats, maybe you should look elsewhere.

    If the NBA isn't your cup of tea, I think there is soccer going.  I'm not 100 percent sure, but it seems like there is always a soccer game on.  Who knows?  Maybe you will learn the name of a soccer player that isn't David Villa or Ronaldo.

    If that doesn't work either, there is always hockey...oh, wait.

1. Write an Article About Bye Weeks

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    I know the feeling.  You wake up, excited for your team to play.  Then you remember that it's their bye week.  So you sit there, watching some boring game like the Broncos versus the Panthers.  You realize that you can't stand the boredom, and decide to start writing about bye weeks.

    If you do this, maybe next week will come sooner.  Then again, maybe not.