Two Crazy Decisions Announced Today By Bernie and FIA

Ryan WoodAnalyst IMarch 17, 2009

The FIA have announced the driver who wins the most races will win the WDC, and if two drivers draw on wins, then points will be taken into account.

Why is this bad?

  • Consistent teams, who score consistent second and third places, and could have won under the 2008 system, now have zero chance of winning.
  • Driver equality within a team will be zero. If driver A wins two races to begin, then who is the team going to back? The driver with two wins or zero wins?
  • The season will finish much earlier. Under this system, the season could be finished in August, rather than September. The second radical change will take effect in 2010.

The FIA has proposed a €30 million budget cap. The cap is optional, however a team which signs up to the budget cap will have more freedom, more testing, no engine rev restrictions, no wind-tunnel caps, and the freedom to have more moveable parts.

If a team doesn't sign up, then they will have less freedom, more restrictions, and more FIA checks.

Why is this bad?


  • Almost everything is included, driver salaries, staff salaries and down to things like motor-homes. So a team like Ferrari, who spend over €30 million on Kimi and Massa's salaries alone would never be able to sign up to these changes. Thus creating an unfair, and unequal playing field. Inequality at its best.


Is this too much change in just two years of F1? No other sport in history will have undergone such changes over a period of two years: aerodynamics, ban on winglets, engine caps, budget caps, a new points systems, and even more.

What do you think?