Von Miller Taunts Cam Newton with 'Superman' Pose After Sack

Donald Wood@@Donald_WoodFeatured ColumnistNovember 11, 2012

Bleacher Report/ CBS Sports
Bleacher Report/ CBS Sports

In case you missed it, after Denver Broncos star pass-rushing linebacker Von Miller sacked Carolina Panthers sophomore quarterback Cam Newton in the Sunday afternoon battle, Miller came to his feet and mimicked Newton’s ‘Superman’ pose (h/t Bleacher Report’s Official Twitter.)

While many NFL traditionalists will frown upon this kind of disrespectful move, the Broncos’ defense has been desperately trying to find their edge.

After a huge sack on Newton, Miller ensured that the entire Panthers roster knew just what kind of game it was going to be.

Miller has started to become the player that Denver knew he would be with time to develop, and the 10 sacks so far this season proves that. While there is no doubt Miller needs to work on his coverage ability, there is nothing wrong with the way the first-round draft pick rushes the passer.

Newton has been struggling in his sophomore season—six passing touchdowns, four rushing TDs and eight interceptions coming into Week 10—but maybe the intensity Miller showed will spark something in the competitive Panthers QB.

It isn’t the first time these two men have had a run in, either.

While both men were drafted in the same class, it was after the men were selected by their respective teams that Newton told the media that his Panthers would crush Miller’s Broncos when they played this season, according to Lindsay H. Jones of USA TODAY Sports.

It is obvious that Miller took Newton’s words seriously and was waiting for the chance to get a clean hit on the Carolina star. As soon as the sack was completed, Miller knew exactly what celebration he was going to use.

With both men so young, the hope is that these run-ins continue and they develop a healthy rivalry.

While many fans will question the disrespect of Miller taunting Newton, the fact that the Panthers sophomore does the ‘Superman’ pose in the first place could be classified as disrespectful.

Miller is just giving Newton a taste of his own medicine.


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