Lesnar's WrestleMania Match, Rumble Winner and More

Justin LaBarFeatured ColumnistNovember 11, 2012

Lesnar's WrestleMania Match, Rumble Winner and More

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    Every week I will open up the Twitter mailbag.

    Throughout the week, send me your questions or thoughts that you would like me to comment on and I will do my best to get it on one of the upcoming installments of this mailbag on Bleacher Report.

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    Here we go!!

Early Royal Rumble Pick

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    @TheRealBenLaird: @JustinLaBar If you had to pick right now, who's your early pick to win the royal rumble. #BR

    When in doubt, always go to the top blue-brand guys. Wade Barrett seems like a reasonable pick to make two months out.

When Does Ryback Win a World Title?

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    @JustinLaBar When will Ryback win his first WWE/World Title? #BR

    If he keeps getting put in title matches, hopefully soon. You can only put him in so many world title matches and find ways to not give him the title while protecting him.

    I'll have to see what happens at Survivor Series before making a prediction for the TLC pay-per-view in December. I'll say this though, with Sheamus, Jeff Hardy, Daniel Bryan and more―Vince McMahon has a trend in trying new guys out with the world title in the month of December.

Fans' Obsession with Blood in Matches

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    @JustinLaBar Why do you think fans vehemently believe blood is a necessity to matches and or to furthering the story of a match #BR

    Blood and falling off high places are a cheap way to manufacture care or intensity. They all have a place in the right time and booking. They all are things that you have to see to believe; so, when people see it once, some fans have hard time accepting a story without it.

    This is partly to blame on the fans and partly to blame on performers not being talented enough to deliver a good story without the blood.

    Fans got an era of it 15 years ago with the nature of the wrestling business. Many of those fans still watching today, remember what they once got, miss it and want it back.

Is Brock Lesnar vs. Triple H at WrestleMania a Good Idea?

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    @JustinLaBar Do you think the rematch of Brock Lesnar vs Triple H at Mania is a good idea ? #BR

    No. The fact we got a great match already at SummerSlam and that the feud was strung out for so long in the spring and summer of 2012 means they should let it go. There are so many other matches WWE has potential to do now that they have Lesnar back. Take advantage of that.