BCS Rankings: Predicting Where Each Team Will Stand in Week 12 Poll

Steven Gerwel@Steve_GerContributor IIINovember 11, 2012

The BCS panel thought Alabama would make their jobs easy, but now that the bulletproof Crimson Tide managed to fall short over the weekend, it will take some careful analysis to determine which team stands alone atop the college football rankings. 

Seven ranked teams suffered Week 11 losses, including No. 1 Alabama, which makes the upcoming BCS rankings the most interesting we've seem all season. 

Here is a preview of what the BCS standings could resemble following Saturday's action.

1. Oregon Ducks (10-0)

Last Week: No. 3

Kansas State was ranked ahead of Oregon heading into the weekend, so naturally the Wildcat faithful believe it's their time to be No. 1. 

Kansas State has taken care of business, but it's hard to argue against a Ducks team that has a 32.5-point average margin of victory over opponents.

The offensive hot streak, including last season, has been impressive and seemingly unstoppable. 

Oregon has now scored 40+ points in 13 straight games, a new FBS record, previously held by Texas (2005-06).

— ESPN Stats & Info (@ESPNStatsInfo) November 11, 2012


2. Kansas State (10-0)

Last Week: No. 2

Kansas State stays put at No. 2 after a modest 23-10 victory over unranked TCU. 

At this point, Kansas State basically controls its own destiny and should have a spot in the National Championship as long as it keep winning. 


3. Notre Dame (10-0)

Last Week: No. 4

Notre Dame moves up one spot after a 21-6 victory over Boston College. 

The undefeated Irish have their eyes on the BCS Title game, but they're still hoping for some luck with either an Oregon or K-State loss over the next two weeks, which could seal the deal.  


4. Georgia Bulldogs (9-1)

Last Week: No. 5

Alabama is a better team than Georgia and logically should be ahead of the Bulldogs at No. 4, but Georgia has been red hot as of late. 

This week's rankings have little relevance in determining the top SEC team. The SEC Championship game—likely between Georgia and Alabama—will settle all the arguments, so there's no need for fans of either team to fret over the rankings. 

For now, Georgia's one loss came against the No. 6-ranked team at the time (South Carolina), while Alabama's was against the No. 15 team in the nation (Texas A&M). 


5. Alabama Crimson Tide (9-1)

Last Week: No. 1

Alabama lost its first game of the season against Texas A&M in front of a devastated Tuscaloosa crowd. 

The Crimson Tide will take a drop this week, but a troubling setback should not discourage an Alabama team that's still very much in the National Championship hunt. 


6. Florida Gators (9-1)

Last Week: No. 6

The Florida Gators get to keep their No. 6 spot despite a second consecutive one-score victory over an unranked opponent. 

With Florida State just two weeks away, they need to get their act together to ensure a Top 10 finish.


7. Texas A&M Aggies (8-2)

Last Week: No. 15

It's unfortunate that the Texas A&M Aggies already have two losses on the season; otherwise, they'd be ranked as high as No. 4 overall and suddenly be in the National Championship discussion.


8. LSU Tigers (8-2)

Last Week: No. 7

The LSU Tigers drop one spot despite a 20-point victory over a ranked opponent (No. 21 Mississippi State). 

It's hard to justify punishing a team that secured a victory, but someone has to bite the bullet to make room for A&M. 


9. South Carolina (8-2)

Last Week: No. 8

South Carolina had a smooth 38-20 victory over the Arkansas Razorbacks this week, but they are hardly the best two-loss team in the nation. 


10. Florida State (9-1)

Last Week: No. 10 

If Florida State keeps winning, people will eventually start to forgive its one loss to North Carolina State and move the Seminoles closer to the Top Five. 


11. Clemson Tigers (9-1)

Last Week: No. 13 

Clemson is devastated over its one loss to Florida State earlier in the season. The Seminoles suddenly seem like a beatable team for the one-loss Tigers, but that one loss has kept them out of the Top 10 ever since. 


12. Oklahoma Sooners (7-2)

Last Week: No. 12

The Sooners remain one of the better two-loss teams in the nation, but they need to do better than a win over Baylor to advance back into the Top 10. 


13. Stanford Cardinals (8-2)

Last Week: No. 14

Stanford, as of now, is celebrated for its win over No. 2 USC earlier in the season. 

Did anyone think they'd have a chance to top that win this season? With Oregon coming up, they have a chance to make the USC victory look like child's play. 


14. Nebraska Cornhuskers (8-2)

Last Week: No. 16

The Cornhuskers secured a victory over a tough Penn State football team, which advances them a few slots. 

Nebraska has a shot to finish in the Top 10 as long as they keep winning. 


15. Texas Longhorns (8-2)

Last Week: No. 17

Texas has been solid this season despite back-to-back losses to West Virginia and Oklahoma.

With the undefeated Kansas State Wildcats coming up in two weeks, the Longhorns have a chance to make some noise. 


16. Louisville Cardinals (9-1)

Last Week: No. 9

In hindsight, Louisville's Top 10 ranking was a little premature despite its undefeated record. Without a single win over a ranked opponent, they should have never been higher than No. 15. 

The 45-26 loss to Syracuse confirms this in all our minds. 


17. Oregon State Beavers (8-2)

Last Week: No. 11

Oregon State has been better than advertised this season, but they seem to back down during games that require them to step up. 


18. UCLA Bruins 

Last Week: No. 18

The Bruins get to end their season against two ranked teams (USC, Stanford), which gives them a chance to flex muscles and climb up the rankings. 


19. USC Trojans (7-3)

Last Week: No. 19 

USC already has three losses with UCLA and Oregon still remaining on the schedule. Needless to say, it's not looking good for Matt Barkley and the Trojans. 


20. Louisiana Tech Bulldogs (9-1)

Last Week: No. 20 

It has been an impressive year for the one-loss Bulldogs. But with zero wins over ranked opponents, it's hard to justify advancing them past No. 20. 


21. Rutgers Scarlet Kights (8-1)

Last Week: No. 23

A season finale against Louisville gives Rutgers a chance to finish the year well beyond its preseason expectations. 


22. Texas Tech Red Raiders (7-3)

Last Week: No. 22

A win over Kansas keeps Texas Tech in the Top 25 despite back-to-back losses to Kansas State and Texas. 


23. Michigan Wolverines (7-3)

Last Week: Unranked

A victory over No. 24 Northwestern gives the voters a reason to put Michigan back into the Top 25. 


24. Mississippi State (7-3)

Last Week: No. 21

A loss to No. 7 LSU was expected, but three consecutive losses has put the once-Top 10 Bulldogs nearly out of the Top 25 altogether. 


25. Kent State Golden Flashes (9-1)

Last Week: Unranked

After compiling a 9-1 record, including a victory over Rutgers, it's time Kent State gets some form of credit. 



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